Nourish The Soil Before You Plant The Seed

In Chinese medicine, an analogy we like to share to help you optimize your fertility, your  egg and sperm so that they can reach peak fertility potential, is in the Chinese proverb that says, “Nourish the soil before you plant the seed.”

If you can think of a time where you’ve had a plant that looked like it was ready for the garbage because it was neglected, and rather than throwing it away, you chose to add water, maybe move it from the hot sun light and off to the side and add a little fertilizer, the plant was able to regain its vigor and give off fruits and flowers.

Well, in this case, you didn’t change the roots so it wasn’t like a donor egg. All you did is improve the soil which this plant was in and it was able to regain its vigor and give off fruits and flowers. This plant always had the potential to give off fruits and flowers, but because the soil it was in was suboptimal, it wasn’t able to reach its peak fertility potential.

So for the eggs and sperm, it’s that cellular environment and we want to support your soil so that your egg has that the environment to mature in. At the time of conception (whether it’s in the bedroom or and IVF lab), we want your egg and sperm to be at its peak fertility potential.

Using the above-mentioned metaphor, if you have weeds, rocks or contaminated soil, then we want to use supplements and techniques to help the liver detoxify these weeds, rocks or contaminated soil (in the form off endocrine disruptors, chemicals or toxins). We want the soil to be the right pH, which is why we need to regulate your hormones so you can have balanced hormones.

We also want to bring down the inflammation because it leads to accelerated biological aging and degenerative diseases such as premature fertility decline. This inflammation, which I whimsically call, “inflamm-aging,” can cause this accelerated biological aging. If the soil is depleted in nutrients, then the fruit one contain those nutrients so I won’t be able to grow those foods.

This is where some Chinese medicine practitioners do their fertility audit to check to see what nutrients and things may be missing (such as hormonal imbalances) and this is where they use diet, supplements and herbs to supplement the soil. Everything that’s being done is about nourishing that soil. We want to get blood flow to the reproductive system, which is similar to nourishing the soil.

As a woman ages, the blood flow to the reproductive system declines, so we use techniques such as acupuncture, low level laser therapy also known as cold laser or photobiomodulation, stress reduction techniques and fertility massage to bring blood to the reproductive system. When blood is flowing to the follicles, then we get more nutrients, oxygen and hormones and this helps the follicles that contains the egg reach its peak fertility potential.

In general, this is the kind of approach that Chinese medicine uses. It’s the healthy baby approach, which involves healthy eggs, healthy sperm plus healthy uterine environment. Everything we’re doing is to prepare the soil, that cellular environment, so when the egg goes to its maturation process, especially those last 100 days, it’s in an optimal environment that can help support follicular maturation. And so when you conceive naturally or through an IVF procedure, your building blocks, in this case, the eggs, sperm and the uterine environment are at their peak fertility potential.


The Benefits Of Using Jade Windscreen Herbal Formula

The classic Chinese herbal formula, Yu Ping Feng San also known in English as Jade Windscreen Formula, is estimated to be about eight centuries old. It is sold in ‘san’ or powdered form, (which is added to hot water), ‘tang’ or decoction, or ‘wan’ or capsule/pill form. This formula is made up of three herbs: the much revered astragalus (Wang Qi), saposhnikovia divaricata root or siler root (Fang feng), atractylodes macrocephala rhizome or white atractylodes (Bai Zhu) and root of milk-vetch. Although Jade Windscreen Formula may seem like a simple formula, it has broad applications. While it has mostly been utilized to thwart cold colds (Cold-Wind invasion, not Heat-Wind), studies in recent years, have demonstrated it to have wider therapeutic applications.

Effects of this formula in Chinese Medicine:

• Clears external Wind pathogen.
• Supplements the Wei Qi or Defensive Qi and makes the exterior stable
• Dispels external pathogenic wind

For people exhibiting symptoms (each to different degrees, based on the patient), the Jade Windscreen Formula is an ideal treatment for profuse or spontaneous sweating, as well as for those who easily catch frequent bacterial/viral infections or colds, have a dislike to wind/cold, have a sallow or pale complexion, or have scanty urine. This is a constitutional form referred to as Deficient Qi. If you are diagnosed with Deficient Qi, you may not be able to ward off external evils (called OPIs or Outside Pernicious Influences) from infiltrating your muscle and skin layers, where damp and wind can build up. This causes a chronic problem with Dampness, Wind, and Cold, which infiltrate the body’s external parts (muscle tissue, skin, face, neck, and head).

Recent Uses of Jade Windscreen Formula

These days, the Jade Windscreen Formula is most commonly used for the prevention of colds and for resolving allergies (seasonal allergies, allergic rhinitis, and hay fever). This herbal remedy is no longer that potent once a pathogen has entered the exterior, as it may bring the pathogen deeper into the body, which makes the pathogen more difficult to eliminate.

As with most Chinese herbs, the Jade Windscreen Formula is designed to address the underlying condition (Deficiency Wei Qi, in this case) and is mainly used as a preventive treatment for allergies. In Western medicine, an allergic reaction is seen as a manifestation of a hyperactive immune system. “Hyperactive” is a term that implies excess although a more rightful description would be “over-reaction,” a result not of excess, but by “over-reaction”, and by over-stimulation of the immune system, which, in due time, breaks down the Wei Qi or defenses of the body.

According to Chinese medicine theory, this collapse leads to hypersensitivity to dust, pollen and other stimuli and seems more like an excess because of the symptoms the patient exhibits. In Chinese medicine theory, what actually occurs is that the right Qi body or Zheng qi and probably the Defensive Qi or Wei Qi has all broken down. This weakness may be the result of a single large assault of outside negative factors, stress-inducing factors (environmental, work, chemical exposure, etc.), and an unhealthy life style (too much alcohol, poor choices of food, stress, etc).

In children and adults with asthma, Jade Windscreen can also be a great form of treatment for their condition, particularly during the remission stage. There can be several possible differentiation patterns in Chinese medical diagnosis, but a constitutional deficient Qi is definitely one of them. Wei Qi can be tonified by taking Jade Windscreen. It consolidates the external to hinder the infiltration of external damp, heat, cold, and wind that in turn may set of an asthmatic reaction. The formula also tonifies Lung Qi, which is usually adversely affected by chronic asthma, which thus reduces the need for bronchial dilators and amount of flare-ups. According to the diagnostic pattern of a patient, the formula needs to be augmented to bring about the required therapeutic benefit.

Immunomodulatory Function

Based on a review of the pharmacological effects of Jade Windscreen in relation to the immune system, it is clear that the formula does not only influence immunoglobulins, but also natural killer cells, mononuclear macrophages, T-lymphocytes, and other aspects of the immune system harmed by trial interventions. In 1989 and 1992, reviews published regarding the clinical usages of Jade Windscreen Powder suggested the following uses:

• Chronic nephritis
• premature beats in coronary heart disease, viral myocarditis and its complications
• Erythema multiforme, allergic dermatitis, urticaria,
• Asthma and cough
• Rhinitis, especially allergic rhinitis
• Bell’s palsy (Facial palsy)
• Hemorrhagic purpura
• Treatment and Prevention of the flu and cold and influenza and of “summer fever” (fever couple with acute infection arises occurs in summer instead of the cold/winter flu/cold season), primarily among children.
• Meniere’s syndrome

UCLA AIDS Institute researchers did a study in 2008 that showed the use of use of wang qi or astragalus can be extremely effective in treating people with high risk of other viral infections associated with aging and chronic diseases, immunodeficiency, and HIV. The body infected with HIV has a very difficult time maintaining several healthy T-cells. New studies show that astragalus can activate the production of telomerase and enhance production of T-lymphocyte cell, significantly increasing the function and strength of the immune system.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

In both Eastern and Western medicines, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are considered complicated patterns. These conditions have one thing in common in Eastern medicine – deficient wei qi. Since patients are super sensitive to their external environments, since their immune system is compromised, they can be easily infiltrated by external pathogens. The peculiar combination of the three herbs (two is to two is to one ratio) relieves pain caused by damp and wind by unblocking the muscle and skin layers, tonifies Qi, reinforces the digestive center (Spleen and Stomach energies) by bolstering transformation and transportation of activities, and strengthens the immune system. Jade Windscreen can be taken along with other formulas or herbs based on the diagnostic pattern of differentiation of each patient.


All in all, we can consider Jade Windscreen to be a remarkable and simple formula containing herbs that complement the immune system in many ways and has the capacity to eliminate pathogens from the body’s external levels body. It is known for its applications beyond the treatment of asthma and prevention of colds: it treats AIDS/HIV, cancer treatment side effects, the elderly, and for any chronic type of immunodeficiency.

Thrive Wellness Center is an acupuncture clinic in Fort Lauderdale, FL with licensed acupuncturists, physicians and therapists.

Common Questions Regarding Auriculotherapy

What health conditions can auriculotherapy treat?

Auriculotherapy is an ideal treatment for painful acute ailments. Within 24 to 48 hours or almost instantaneously, it can help relieve pain. Auriculotherapy can also be used to treat painful and degenerative long term conditions such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. It is also effective in treating conditions include dysfunctions and diseases of the cardiovascular, urinary, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems. This type of treatment also works in treating addictions. In fact, it has a 75 to 80 percent rate of success in treating patients with nicotine or smoking addiction. Currently, there are over 150 conditions that can be treated with auriculotherapy.

Does it have any side effects?

Although this very rarely occurs, the main side effect of auriculotherapy or ear acupuncture is inflammation or tenderness to the ear itself. More often than not, acupuncture in Maitland and auriculotherapy produces no side effects, especially if the doctor uses electrical stimulation. If acupuncture needle is used, the patient can possibly have an infection because of the piercing of the skin which happens during an acupuncture procedure. In auriculotherapy, this problem never arises. Auriculotherapy can be used too if the patient is scared of needles. It is a painless alternative to auricular acupuncture. If the doctor is using the guidelines provided by the Electro-Therapy Association, he has practically no chance of experiencing negative side effects.

Auriculotherapy should not be administered on patients who have certain types of defibrillators or pacemakers or on pregnant women who are in their first trimester of pregnancy.

Does Auriculotherapy hurt?

Auriculotherapy is practically a painless form of treatment although the patient might feel a tiny sensation in the ear on the area where an acupoint is being treated. This is usually felt for just a second or two after which the sensation immediately disappears. The doctor can reduce the intensity to where the patient does not feel it at all if the treatment feels a bit uncomfortable. As the treatment is tolerable for almost all people, this usually isn’t necessary.

How often should a patient be treated?

Chronic conditions are almost always treated two or three times a week. However, in some very serious and acute conditions, auriculotherapy can be used every day for duration of one week to ten days. To treat smoking addictions, all one usually needs is a single or a couple of treatments to break the physical addiction to nicotine.

Meditation And Yoga For Performing Well In Life And For Living A Healthy Life

For a lot of people, losing weight is not only a good thing, it is also essential for their survival. For this reason, some would try meditation, exercise and diet, while others would attempt yoga, meditation, and time-honored Chinese techniques to lose weight. Both ways are good approaches because they lead to the same desired outcomes.

Can You Lose Weight Through Meditation?

I have personally witnessed people lose weight through meditation and/or yoga. Research shows that people practicing Yoga on a regular basis helps them burn two to three calories a minute aside from helping getting them into shape.

The “Ashtanga vinyasa yoga” is perhaps the best yoga exercise for losing weight. This type of yoga involves a practice where there is never any separation between your movements and breaths. Every posture begins and ends respectively with inhales and exhales. Yoga has positive effects on your metabolic rate not to mention it also an excellent cardiovascular exercise.

Time-honored Chinese techniques can also be a good way to lose weight. These methods lead to good results which is why acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Chinese tea are wildly popular among people in the West.

Meditation is primarily used to relax the body and calm the mind rather than a way to lose weight. It is a good way to release tension and helps eliminate stress.

While some medications are proven to help people lose weight, there is a lot of controversy and debate on this topic. Losing weight naturally with exercise and diet is always preferred. Medication cannot be a really good alternative for a healthy lifestyle. Wellbeing and longevity are guaranteed when one follows and lives a healthy lifestyle. Yoga and meditation are manifestations of a good lifestyle.

However, meditation or yoga should only be used for people who are not overweight. Medications are essential if you are overweight.

Meditation vs. Medication

Do not attempt taking medication without the consent or knowledge of your doctor as it can be risky to your health. Always talk to your doctor or healthcare provider if you plan to take weight loss shakes, pills, or supplements since there are also medications included in them.

Acupuncture treatment for any kind of illness should be conducted by a licensed acupuncturist in Encino. Meditation is 100 percent safe so you can do it your own. You may also try other Chinese methods although you may need to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider first.

Meditation does not lead to any negative consequences unlike medications which may lead to very serious side effects.

Medications can make you feel sick and ill. Meditation and yoga, on the other hand, are manifestations of a good lifestyle.

Natural Chinese supplements such as Chinese tea can boost your general health while drugs are often used to treat certain kinds of illnesses and disease.

What should be your choice?

This will depend on your health. If you suffer from unwanted weight gain, go with medication. Practice 15 minutes of meditation if you’re living a healthy life. It will lead to a peaceful and happy life.

How to Begin Meditating

The problem is that most people do not have time to meditate. We usually do not pay attention to our fitness when we are living a healthy life. Choose a room and time where you will not be interrupted or disturbed. Enter and lock your room and practice meditating for 15 minutes. For the first 10 days, meditate for only 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes of meditation is enough time because in my experience with most people, if you spend more time in it, you won’t be able to find time for it in the future.

Yoga and meditation are two different exercises although both their purpose is undivided devotion. These exercises can help bring inner peace, stability, and focus in your life.

You need to spend some time in silence if your desire is to perform well in life and live a healthy life.

Clinical Study Proves Auricular Acupuncture Can Help People Lose Weight Naturally

According to a study published in Acupuncture in Medicine, auricular acupuncture is a good way to shed pounds off your body.

The study also suggested that in the immediate reduction of stomach fat, repeated stimulation of five acupuncture points is better than one point stimulation.

Auricular acupuncture treatment is founded on the notion that the auricle or external ear corresponds to all parts of the body. Auricular acupuncture was first introduced in 1956 in France by Dr Paul Nogier who observed that after a patient suffered a burn on the ear, his backache got cured.
This procedure, since then, has been adopted by today’s acupuncturists to help people lose weight, give up smoking, and to treat drug addiction.

The researchers from Korea compared acupuncture treatment involving stimulation of five points on the auricle (external ear): endocrine, hunger, stomach, spleen, and divine gate (shenmen) points with sham acupuncture on 91 adults who are overweight (with a 23 BMI or more).

The test subjects were told to not to take any extra exercise and adhere to a restrictive (but not weight loss) diet at the beginning of their eight week period treatment.

Randomly assigned to the five point therapy were thirty one people. The five point therapy involved the sticking of acupuncture needles into the auricle 2mm deep. Surgical tape was used to keep the needles in place for a week, after which the same therapy was administered to the other ear, with the process repeated over a couple of months.

The same treatment process was designated to another 30 subjects, but only one acupoint – the hunger point – was needled. Sham treatment was then further given to another 30 — with the same timescales and process, but with the needles immediately removed after insertion.

At the beginning and end of treatment as well as in the four weeks into the experiment, all subjects were measured and weighed to include their blood pressure, percentage body fat, body fat mass, circumference of their waist, and their BMI to observe what effect acupuncture in Jacksonville might have on their weight.

Before the eight weeks were completed, 24 people dropped out of the experiment; 15 of them belonged to the sham treatment group, indicating that, according to the authors, they probably found it difficult to regulate their food cravings and cope with the restrictive diet.

Conspicuous differences were apparent after four weeks among those who stuck it out for the entire period, with the treatment groups (5-point treatment) showing a 6.1 percent and 5.7 percent (Single-point treatment) decrease in BMI as opposed to the sham treatment group from which there was no recorded decrease in BMI.

After four weeks, weight also significantly differed between the treatment groups and the sham treatment group.

There was a decrease in waist circumference in both groups, with the largest drop seen in the 5-point group treatment compared with the sham treatment group. However, this discrepancy vanished after age was taken into account.

After eight weeks, body fat measurement also fell but only in the 5-point treatment group. In blood pressure measurement, there were no meaningful discrepancies among the two groups.

The authors concluded that both the five point and one point treatment can help address excess weight, although they concluded that the five point technique may be a much better treatment for reducing stomach fat.

Chinese Medicine Treatment For Vitiligo

Vitiligo, which in Chinese medicine is called Bai Bo Feng,Bai Dian Feng,White Enemy Wind or White Patches Wind is treated with a traditional healing herb that is specifically used to treat a Wind condition.

Imagine that your skin-border are guarded by soldiers. However, the soldiers are not enough or are weak to secure the border (in Chinese medicine, this would mean your ‘martial’ energy or Yang energy is deficient). This issue has the potential to allow Wind to infiltrate the pores, which can lead to several things. For one, it can ‘capture’ or fill in the pores, making it very difficult for Blood (or supplies) to circulating that the area and nourish the area, that in turn can lead to a loss in the skin’s natural color, (which can then take on the color of the infiltrator). Wind problems are likely to generate a white color, which is the ‘color’ of wind). The organ most affected by this problem and by cold is our Lungs. Wind problems can result in skin conditions like alopecia, particularly in the Yang part or upper part of our body. Since this condition develops due to Yang Energy deficiency, there is none of the redness, pain or itching that’s related to Excess conditions.

In addition to this kind of problem, we would expect to find other symptoms and signs of Deficient Yang: collapsing issues (such as flat feet, prolapse, hemorrhoids, body posture, etc.), problems thinking clearly, depression with little affect, tinnitus, low back pain, weight issues without heat signs, likelihood for allergies and colds, tiredness, dampness (weak digestion, urinary tract conditions, excess phlegm) and Coldness.

The condition can be addressed holistically and as it actually is once there’s enough of the confirming signs are discovered.In Western medicine, there is only one treatment for hypothyroidism: that is SHT or synthetic hormone therapy.

On the other hand, a holistic diagnosis such as Yang Deficiency, has a whole gamut of treatments and implications. The patient is treated as a whole, and the treatment may involve, among others, acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, lifestyle modifications and moxibustion (heat therapy utilizing smoldering herbs).

In Chinese medicine, Bai Dian Feng (Vitiligo), can be treated, via a variety of modalities. This condition is very treatable and certain herbal remedies have been developed specifically for this issue. One such herbal remedy is Bu GuZi or Psoraleacorylifolia seed, which is crushed and combined with mustard oil and applied topicallyon the skin. Since vitiligo is a disease of gradual onset, there are no instant cures. Significant dampness is a slowing aspect often builds up making Clearance of Wind, very difficult (Damp tends to impedes and one can visualize walking in mud).

A person with a Yang Deficiency problem should only eat warm cooked foods: no fruit juices, fruits, cold salads or frozen desserts, as well as NO stimulants like coffee as this can only use up more Yang. The person should exercise moderately every day and get adequate rest. Eating flesh foods and utilizing Warming spices like pepper and mustardis encouraged. The person should avoid drafty and when the environments, and should choosing be exposed to warmer climates.

Using a rounded approach, an licensed acupuncturist vancouver can easily treat vitiligo and will not leave the patient depending on hormone drugs for the rest of his or her life.

Chinese Medicine And Kidney Management

Acupuncture in Walla Walla serves as health care and medical treatment, which helps balance the flow of energy of life force known as Chi or Qi.In ancient times, humans experience pain relief when body parts are hit by rubbing their bodies into hard objects, such as stones, brambles, etc. Hence, the ancients began to use the stones or rocks to knock or even bleed themselves in order to reduce pain.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the practice of acupuncture is referred to as shinkyu or zhenjiu, which means acupuncture moxibustion. The term acupuncture describes a family of procedures involving the stimulation of points on the body using a variety of techniques, while moxibustion is the burning of the skin of the herb moxa.

In the past 2000 years, acupuncture moxibustion has prevailed in China and has spread throughout the world. In the past two decades, TCM clinics developed fast, which won their own praise from many patients who come from different countries. Wang Guoqiang, China’s vice Minister of Health and the director of state administrative Bureau of TCM submitted an application for the list of world Heritage of “Chinese Acupuncture Moxibustion” to the United Nations in September 2010.

Later on, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO deliberated and passed the application of China and proclaimed acupuncture moxibustion as well as the Beijing Opera as “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.” This approval not only makes the legends of acupuncture and moxibustion shared more and more widely, but also puts the whole Chinese medicine development into a new stage.

Acupuncture for Kidney Management

New findings show acupuncture can stimulate the Shenshuacupoint (Bl 23), which can promote urinary function, decrease red and white blood cells in urine, lower blood pressure and alleviate swelling in patients. In a recent experiment, researchers used acupuncture to stimulate the kidney and blood channels and found that patients tend to expel more creatinine and urine.

This experiment explains that stimulating the two Shenshuacupoints helps regulate kidney activity. On one hand, acupuncture helps improve GFR via nervous reflex mechanism. On the other hand, it regulates reabsorption of renal tubule via the secretion of antidiuretic hormone. In addition, acupuncture can balance and deal with immune disorders in patients with kidney disease.

In a word, acupuncture for kidney management mainly depends on entire regulation. Recently, in the research of acupuncture and disease prevention, experts analyzed immune cells such as T lymphocytes, granulocytes, monocyte-macrophage system, red blood cells, natural killer cells, etc. and immune factors, such as cytokines, immunoglobulin and complement system.

When they used acupuncture to stimulate certain acupoints, the findings show that acupuncture can help regulate the overall immune defense system via double way, boost the immune system function, improve immunity, inhibit hyperactive immune response and make the immunization achieve a dynamic balance between internal and external environment.

After 10 days of acupuncture, medicated baths, foot baths in Chinese medicine osmotherapy, one patient from Libya showed obvious improvement. His creatinine declined from 1000umol/L to 900umol/L. His hypotensor has stopped and also, his urine volume increased from 40 mL to 300 mL in a day.

We sincerely hope more and more patients can benefit from Chinese medicine.

Chinese Medicine Can Naturally Help Preserve Vision

Chinese Medicine can help preserve vision and support the health of the eyes. This ancient mode of treatment is vital for individuals seeking a way to maintain healthy vision and lessen their risk of developing eye disease. Moreover, patients suffering from eye problems such as eye floaters, macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts and chronic dry eyes can find Traditional Chinese Medicine very beneficial in their plan of treatment.

Chinese medicine involves the use of qi gong (breathing techniques and physical exercises), guasha (skin scraping therapy), tuina (Chinese massage), herbal medicine and acupuncture. Acupuncture is a process that involves the use of disposable and tiny needles inserted painlessly into certain acupuncture points on the body. Your acupuncturist can obtain a clear knowledge of your imbalances by means of Chinese medicine style diagnostic examination. This would include examination of the pulse and tongue,visual clues, symptom information, and other diagnostic methods.

Acupuncture in Cleveland

Acupuncture is a treatment that seeks to regulate and adjust your chi or vital energy. Chi moves through the fourteen invisible primary energy channels or meridians in your body.All in all, there are 71 meridians in your body although most acupuncturists use only about 20 energy channels in formulating their plan of treatment. Ten of these meridians are connected internally with the internal organs like Spleen/Stomach, Kidneys/Bladder, Triple Heater/Small Intestine/Heart, Lungs/Large Intestine and Liver/Gall Bladder. Throughout the body, there are also eight “extra meridians”

Around 300 to 100 BCin mainland China, the first records of acupuncture were compiled. However, archeological findings show that acupuncture may have been discovered at least 5000 years ago.

Thousands of years of use combined with thorough observation have enabled the Chinese to precisely map out the locations of these channels/meridians. Each meridian has neurovascular junctions or energy nodes named “acupoints.” The energy in these acupoints can be more easily stimulated and become more concentrated. In addition, each of the hundreds of acupoints have a certain regulatory function in the body.

When fluids, blood and chi develop obstruction, they cannot move smoothly through the meridians. As a result, degeneration, dysfunction, illness and pain will manifest over time. By activating the obstructed acupoints, acupuncture can restore the smooth flow of these vital fluids. This will help preserve and restore healthy function to all the systems of the body. Acupuncture can also help reinforce isolated weakness and regulate hyperactivity. Its benefits can best be understood by imagining that each system of the body is an instrument in an orchestra. The entire performance is affected if one or more instrument is playing out of tune or out of time. Using acupuncture to adjust the flow can help the organ systems in the body to “play” harmoniously together; therefore, well-being and health is achieved.

Eye Health, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

From the point of view of Western medicine, acupuncture improves blood circulation to the eyes. It also promotes to help the movement of fluids and energy through the eyes. We are certain of this since studies using ultrasound and ocular Doppler imaging have revealed that activating specific acupoints directly boosts the flow of blood to the eye.

We have been shown that a variety of ophthalmic problems develop due to poor energy and blood flow. This leads to a decrease in vital nutrients and oxygen flow to the eyes. A variety of eye conditions may appear, including cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Poor blood and chi flow to the eyes can also lead to a buildup of ocular toxic metabolic waste products. Those are waste materials that the eye produces from its typical day-to-day function.

Stimulating the optic nerve, ganglia, retina and the other ocular nerve cells is another way by which acupuncture improves vision. Undernourished nerve cells can go into a dormant state and become inactive. Those dormant nerve cells can be activated with acupuncture, which then results in a betterment of visual acuity. The level of visual improvement in patients directly correlates to the dormant-to-dead ratio of ocular nerve cells. The greater the improvement, the more dormant cells a person has. No or small improvements may suggest that there is no or relatively little cell dormancy. Acupuncture also helps boost vision related to farsightedness and nearsightedness by increasing the flow of energy and overall circulation to the eye muscles.

All conditions involving the eye, according to TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), are very much associated with the energy channel of the liver. In addition, all the meridians travel through the eyes. Hence, vision can be affected if any meridians are out of balance. For instance, the pupil and lens of the eye are associated with the kidney, the lungs to the sclera, the heart to the veins and arteries, the spleen to the top eyelid, the stomach to the bottom eyelid, and the liver to the iris and cornea. The stomach and spleen energy channels also govern circulation in the eyes. Hence, eye disease may result if there is imbalance in any of these meridians.

Eye and Acupuncture Studies

Acupuncture’s efficacy in the treatment of eye problems is severely lacking.

“Shamacupuncture” is occasionally used as the control, but this may be an improper approach.Some of the studies have shown:

For patients suffering from macular degeneration, drugs and vitamins were 60% effective as whereas in acupuncture, it was 88% effective.

A significantly small study showed that acupuncture lower temporarily intraocular pressure (vital for patients with glaucoma patients).

Another intraocular pressure study showed a decrease by activating the BL 62 or shenmain and Bl 61 or Pucan channels.
Patients with Dry eye problems who have no Sjögren Syndrome or any autoimmune disease experienced tear improvement with acupuncture.


Vision preservation was shown to be achieved by using Chinese medicine. Adding Chinese medicine and acupuncture to a plan of treatment can help patients suffering from vision and eye conditions.

Chinese Herbal Formulations

A variety of products that support vision are based on the principles of Chinese medicine.

Chinese herbalists use a liver tonic the support Chi movement and overall circulation throughout the body, which may help treat eye floaters. It is also used to help the body relieve stress and is based on Xiao Yau San or Rambling Powder, a classic Chinese herbal formula. Based on the Chinese medical point of view this formula promotes the health of the macula, optic and vitreous nerve by removing energy stagnation and increasing blood circulation to the eyes.

Chinese Medicine Explains Seasickness

Ahoy mateys! I want to talk to you about motion sickness, also called seasickness, and what really causes it. It seems that emergency medicine really doesn’t know why people want to throw up or become nauseous you to motion like traveling somewhere on a boat. So somebody set out to study it and wrote a report on it.

This with the University of Minnesota and “The Science of Motion Sickness,” is the title of the article. He tried everything he could think of to induce motion. If he could induce motion, a lot of people would feel nauseous or feel like throwing up. He doesn’t know why and he can’t figure out why people want to empty the contents of their stomach when they feel motion

It can be sometimes so bad, people will often want to just kill themselves, or they feel so bad and there’s no way to escape until the motion stops. He found that people who are suffering from motion sickness were moving themselves. They were moving even if they are strapped down. In Chinese medicine we would say that this is the result of a damp spleen.

The spleen is your digestive organ, in Chinese medicine and it’s not your Western spleen. That’s a different concept. Your spleen is your main digestive organ and when it gets damp, it gets unhappy. Everybody who is overweight has a damp spleen and the more overweight you are, the damper your spleen is.

So it stands to reason that more excess body fat you’re carrying, the more prone you are to motion sickness. There may be a genetic element to it too, that gets triggered by something, and motion may do it. The body feels that “wateriness” sloshing around within, because that’s what water does; it will change levels you can feel it with movement, and that alerts the stomach to say “Yikes, what’s in here. We want to get rid of whatever is in here that shouldn’t be in here.” And you begin to throw up.

There’s another element that I found with motion sickness and that is Liver Qi Stagnation. For instance, I was sitting on a boat going to Catalina Island and my friend next and he said, “You know, I’m prone to seasickness. I’m not so sure about this boat trip.” So I said, “You know, I know what you mean. Sometimes, it’s that up and down up and down, up and…” “Stop it!” My friend interrupted me for us now feeling a little bit nauseous himself.

My friend’s Liver Qi was starting to “insult” his stomach and his stomach was starting to tighten. It can get so bad. I remember as a Boy Scout, when we went to Catalina on a little ferry. When I was young, I was fine I never got seasick, except this one time, when this kid started heaving over the side. All the rest of us 30 scouts in this boat were hearing this awful sound, like someone was trying to throw up. Then a couple of scouts began heaving over the side too.

Then, all of a sudden, half the boat was hanging over the rail and trying to throw up all over the sea. So, I started barfing myself and fortunately, I didn’t have anything in my stomach, but it just kept convulsing and barfing. I was thinking, “Please, sink the boat, we can’t live like this anymore.” That’s Liver Insulting Stomach.

That’s seasickness explained by Chinese medicine in Bellmore. Have a great day and adios!

Chinese Moxibustion Acupuncture Therapy, A Viable Way To Treat Diseases

Chinese moxibustion acupuncture therapy, a great way to cure illnesses

Chinese moxibustion therapy is a multi-centenary ancient Chinese technique to good health. Its use has been recorded in the world’s oldest medical text, the Nei Jing.

Few people are aware of this arcane but extremely potent therapy. Those who have heard about moxibustion know that it’s a form of heat therapy and often used as an adjunct to acupuncture in Tarzana. The use of heat and needle helps make acupuncture a more effective treatment modality against disease.

Chinese moxibustion acupuncture deals with treating illnesses with fire and needles. And this is reflected in the original Chinese name of acupuncture Zhen Jiu (Zhen refers to moxibustion Jiu to acupuncture).

Two very famous stories regarding acupuncture were about the alleged inventors of Chinese moxibustion and acupuncture, Fu Hsi and Huang Di who used stone needles to cure illness.

Another legend of how Chinese moxibustion acupuncture came to be was from a housewife. She found her aches were not as painful as before when she was cooking. The warmth from her stove had somehow relieved her of her pain. From the Neolithic age, this process has evolved to include medicinal herbs to smoke the body back to health.

The common methods used in moxibustion include cupping and a moxa cone. A glass jar is also used to cover a body area and to suck the body with the heated air inside the jar.

The difficulty of heating the inside of the jar is caused by the fire heating up the air. This process removes the air out of the jar resulting in a suction force which makes the jar stick to the body. Blood flow is increased and the patient’s internal organs get to enjoy a soothing massage. A moxa cone can generate the same effect.

It’s important to note that the jar’s placement during the treatment is vital. It should target the proper energy channels or acupoints so that the condition can be treated.

To boost the effect of moxibustion, mashed garlic, ginger, or healing herbs are used during sessions. The application of the jars over the body typically takes between 15 to 20 minutes. Moreover, the treatment should be made over a specific time period in order for the effects to be felt.

Chinese moxibustion acupuncture techniques have improved tremendously over the centuries. It is now common to see new methods that include acupoint injection, electronic needle moxibustion, acupoint magnetotherapy, and microwave needle moxibustion to mention just a few.