Qi Gong Increases Oxygen Intake That Can Help Heal Prostate Naturally

Few people know this but qi gong is one of the most potent forms of cancer management and cancer-prevention cancer management exercises there is. It is a mild type of restorative exercise from China similar to Tai Chi and having originated in China.

While boosting the levels of oxygen to detoxify the body, the movements performed in Qi gong also specifically influence the internal organ systems of the body in a concentrated manner.

Certain qi gong movements focus on the immune system by working the large and lung intestine energy channels which are believed to be associated in the Chinese medicinal system to enhance immunity when faced with challenges such as cancer and increase that body’s capacity to recover more quickly post surgery.

Qi gong movements such as the movement of the Taoist Five Kidney focus on the reproductive organs to boost fertility and to protect against reproductive disorders including ovarian/cervical cancers, fibroids and ovarian cysts, prostate cancers, enlarged prostate.

Some qi gong movements target the abdomen and spleen and can be combined with self massage qi gong to relieve nausea (usually felt by people who are going through radiation therapy or chemotherapy).

A gentle and balanced qi gong exercise will work on the internal organs to build strength beyond muscular or cardiovascular levels and to revitalize health.

When seeking a teacher of qi gong to address reproductive organ pathologies such as prostate cancer, you can inquire whether the practitioner has a long history dealing with the clinical applications of qi gong. Such instructors are trained to tailor movements to address specifically the different forms of cancer.

To gain health benefits, thirty minutes a day of qigong exercises is recommended although even shorter exercise periods can improve health. We recommend one to three minutes of qi gong exercises gently interspersed throughout your day to get an aggregate of 30 to 45 minutes of qi gong exercises each day. In this manner, you need not have to set aside time to perform qi gong but can naturally incorporate it into your life and utilize it as a powerful healing modality.

Building Immunity Energy through Qi Gong Self Massage

This is a series of qi gong self massage to naturally treat depression.

1. Lung Pathway: When this energy channel is massaged it will help to expedite the release of disappointment, grief, or sadness. It can also stimulate the large intestine’s metal organ to help strengthen immunity.

To begin, tap the left side of the chest vigorously and continue tapping downward into the inner side of the elbow of the left arm, the inside of the thumb, wrist, and lower arm.

Do the same on the right side of your chest and downward on the inner side of your right thumb and right arm.

2. Large Intestine Channel: When this energy channel is massaged, it can help quicken the release of disappointment, grief, and sadness. It can also activate the large intestine’s metal organ to help strengthen immunity.

To start the massage, use the right hand to slap and tap energetically the top side of your left index finger from the nail bed along the finger tow the wrist and hand.

Keep on slapping and tapping along the top of your wrist to your elbow’s top side. Keep on along the top of your upper arm to the shoulder and sides of your neck. Massage with small circular motions the area near your right nostril.

Repeat the same procedure on your right arm with slaps and taps to the top of your right index finger, along the wrist to the hand then upwards to the elbow and along the top of your upper arm towards the neck. Massage with small circular motions the region near your left nostril.

Please keep in mind that with any type of exercise, you need to talk first with your medical doctor before embarking on new exercise workouts. This article is not meant intended to treat or diagnose any medical problem or intended as a replacement for Western conventional medical care.

Amy-SuiQun Lui, L.Ac. is a Board Certified and Licensed Acupuncturist in Cleveland, OH.

The Benefits And Risks Of Chinese Herbs In The Treatment Of Breast Cancer

Alternative therapies are now more popular than ever, and women are now seeking “natural” solutions for the unwelcome symptoms of menopause. But natural doesn’t always mean safe. Actually, scientists have found out that some herbs can potentially increase the risk of breast cancer in women.

While there’s no study directly linking the use of herbs to the decrease or increase of the risk of breast cancer in women, there are some herbs that appear to have estrogen-like actions which shouldn’t be used long-term on women with a high risk or a past medical history of breast cancer. These herbs include: ginseng, dong quai, dang gui, chasteberry, blue cohosh, and black cohosh.

What about Chinese drugs which are associated with TCM or traditional Chinese Medicine in Fremont?

Although, in the annals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is no word for cancer, there are various illnesses with traditional names that would be diagnosed by physicians as cancer nowadays.

Interestingly, modern doctors are convinced that cancer is actually a lot of different diseases and not a solitary one. This currently held perspective is considering the viewpoint of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

For cancer, the traditional Chinese treatment is based on the principle of Fu Sheng Gu Ben. “Fu Zheng” means strengthening what is correct. “Gu Ben” means repair and regeneration.

The use of Chinese herbs for the treatment of cancer requires diagnosing the probable cause of cancer, and then choosing the appropriate plan of treatment. Diagnosis is done based on the four examinations of TCM. The objective of the treatment is to balance the patient and to kill the cancer cells.

The Healing Power Of The Herbal Formula Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang

One thing that too many of us have to deal with on a regular basis is low back pain. This problem can be something that can change your life significantly, to say the least. Many modern day advances in medicine have been made that claim to be able to help us to combat this pain, but unfortunately, most of them simply mask the ailment, hide the pain, and do nothing to give the body the chance to naturally heal itself.

This is the reason a lot of people have resorted to herbal medicine in order to alleviate lower back pain in a safe, effective and natural way in order to attain the relief that they so desire. A very old Chinese medical treatment is known as Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang is one the most beneficial of these therapies. While Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang has been used for millennia, it has been refined and improved through the use of some of the modern wisdom that we have regarding the way herbs affect the body.

Aside from being able to treat inflammation that can be attributed to much of the lower back pain people are experiencing today, this herbal remedy also increases circulation to the affected region, transporting vital nutrients that promotes the natural healing processes of the body. In addition, it widens range of movements, giving us the ability to begin to experience relief from chronic low back pain and to move freely whilst healing the ailing areas permanently.

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The Role Of Chinese Medicine In The Promotion Of Body-Mind Connection

All Oriental Medicine practitioners can benefit greatly from the frequent Oriental Medicine or practice of meditation, Tai Chi, and chi kung or qigong. These techniques can help strengthen and boost the flow of your own chi and can also provide added protection in the treatment of disease and pain from your patients, an occupational hazard in the art of healing. A lot of the masters think that when selecting an acupuncturist, one of the most important considerations is the ability of the doctor to generate chi through the needles and his hands. This skill amplifies both his healing and diagnostic sensitivities. Additional higher chi cultivation techniques such as Tai Chi weapons “play,” particularly the Tai Chi Ruler’s sword, can also assist in the transference of chi power with greater healing potential, whilst bolstering the art of needle insertion. Sadly, rarely do practitioners follow this path.

The wide variety of benefits of Oriental Medicine bestowed on the patient has been well known for thousands of years. Have you even considered the almost magical benefits that await the practitioner on the other side of yin-yang? The Eight Branches Style of oriental medicine is described as follows:

1. Chi Kung is the battery and creates chi
2. Tao meditation is the “gatherer of the light” or chi
3. Chan Su Jin-silk lubrication is provided by these spiral and reeling exercises
4. Nei Chia/Tai Chi Chuan is the fuel and promotes chi circulation. The shen or spirit-mind-heart serves as the light bulb that receives and uses energy for illumination.
5. As touch is governed by the heart-shen or Fire Phase, so too does Tui Na touches both the spirit and body
6. Moxibustion elevates the shen
7. Herbal therapy boosts the intellect,
8. Acupuncture in Fort Lauderdale activates the physical energies

Among the Eight Branches of the Healing Arts of Taoism, there always tends to be an overlap of all of these qualities.

The techniques of self development are grounded on softness, looseness, and openness that allow you to become spontaneous more easily. Shen, Chi, and Jing are the three fundamental Treasures that are part of the process of your alchemical transformation and self development. They can be likened to the wave, gaseous-vapor, and liquid states of matter making them an essential part in the harmonization, regeneration and restoration of the state of health and well being of your body/mind. In other words, the cellular essence preserves the different states of imbalance and balance based on the quality and quantity of chi (bio-electromagnetic energy) that is channeled via states of consciousness and the nervous system.

The practices of Shen Kung enable us to experience the constant states of matter and energy from the raw to the more refined levels particularly when one is in the state of Alpha. Tsu Ran is a beautiful image used by Taoists to describe something that’s used to mirror the state of meditation of self spontaneity. Instead of cracking being or outer shell, soften it, thereby doing away with pre-conditioning. Another term is Wu Wei which gives us the concept of moving with effortless effort, active spontaneity that’s in accordance with nature, flexibility in body and mind and going with the flow.

According to the Internal Kung Fu, “If one searches for the truth outside oneself, it gets away further and further.” Buddha said, “Don’t depend on any type of experts, sort things out for yourself.” The Taoist Sage says, “The Tao is very close, unfortunately everyone looks far away.”

By practicing advanced chi cultivation every day, one can start to experience so-called Alpha brain wave state. Perhaps, this can be the start of a greater coherence in the body/mind and therefore greater wisdom and awareness. The developed Tao masters say, that sooner or later, one starts to live more and more in Tsu Ran and Wu Wei until it eventually becomes permanent. All these concepts are anchored in the ancients’ natural life medicine and can be experienced directly through such techniques as Shen Kung.

At the least, Chi kung has five major schools of thought: medical Taoist, martial Buddhist, and Confucian. Spontaneous chi kung practices during the last few years have no set forms and are gaining popularity in the US. Chi development has four levels including Shen Kung, Nei Kung, Chi Kung, and Jing Kung. The three chi kung techniques of practice include down, sitting, and standing positions are performed in both moving and stationary forms. In the Nei Kung Chi Liao or NKCL, the aspect of “healing ourselves” is addressed via Shen Kung or the higher levels of chi kung. If you’re just starting out and have no background in Tai Chi or chi kung, the exercises known as the Taoist Elixir Style 31 foundation should be taught first.

Being an advanced form, the Shen are made up of six seated methods and six standing methods, including the “quiet sitting” or Earth Meditation to balance and bring harmony to the body-mind via the eight psychic or extra meridians. These meridians are where deeper energy flows and are the reservoirs that carry the ancestral energy called jing chi, nourishing and giving rise to the twelve organ meridians. A huge part of the regulating energy at the RNA and DNA level and the body-mind’s programming is the jing chi.

Between the eight Trigrams of the Mysterious Turtle or the Ba Gua and eight extra meridians are several, far-reaching relationships mirrored eight thousand years ago by Fu She. This medical genius has also introduced feng shui, tuina, acupuncture and all the eight Branches with the same universal principles that unify the nei chia-chi kung connections and the trigrams meridians.

In following the natural harmony and balance of the principles of yin-yang, the life-nourishing art of Taoist Shen Kung is practiced for self healing. The practitioner performed Medical Chi Kung- NKCL on a patient when he wants to heal others. Now we need to take a look at the system of healing known as healing without touch or “acupuncture minus the needles”. This brilliant technique is reputed to be the first healing art of ancient China. It is simple to performed, which is in keeping with the Tao which is also why it is so profound. People with the motivation and desire can learn it and apply it to others.

Herbal Remedies And Foods That Can Provide Relief Against Constipation And IBS

Are you aware that in the United States alone, there are over three million people suffering from constipation each year, and that over two million people suffer from IBS or irritable bowel syndrome? What most people do not know is that constipation might just actually be the result of not drinking enough water and of a poor and unhealthy diet. You need to learn more about educate yourself about the herbal remedies and foods that can provide relief if you’re one among the millions of people suffering from constipation.

A diet that is healthy means avoiding or limiting the intake of foods filled too much fat, sugar, and dairy products and increasing the intake of foods high in fiber such as vegetables, and fruits as well as whole grains such as psyllium, wheat, barley, bran, or quinoa which are all bulk forming products that can assist in cleansing the colon. Eating high quality fiber is important and this implies you may need to start reading the package for whole grain, instead of whole wheat. Constipation can be treated by simply eating right.

25 grams of fiber are the minimum daily requirements of adults, so you need to pay attention to any food that you buy that is in a box, can, or bottle. Make it a point to read the nutritional data, so you’ll know how much fiber content you are eating.

Vegetables and fruits rich in fiber that people suffering IBS and constipation need to eat include strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples, broccoli, green beans, and turnip greens. It’s also important to eat lots of nuts such as walnuts, almonds, and peanuts and grains such as whole wheat, barley, and rye. These high fiber foods not only help lower cholesterol, but can accelerate the formation of fecal matter, which is a crucial part of the elimination process which enables you to pass stool with ease which thus cures constipation.

Various Chinese herbal formulas can be used to cure all types of diseases and can even help prevent the rise of disease. For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has amassed a wealth of knowledge regarding several herbs that can help treat constipation. Experience has shown that there are herbs that benefit the various microsystems and other parts of the body. This vast information also includes the adverse effects that might be related to the use of some of these herbs.

Look for natural herbs that are safe and have no cascara or senna in them when considering herbal treatment for your constipation. Herbal formulas are quite potent ways of boosting your digestive system, which can help you relax and live a life with experiencing the discomfort and pain of constipation.

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Shiatsu Massage Therapy Can Help Relieve Various Psychological And Physical Problems

A lot of mental and physical problems are better addressed by seeing a qualified medical doctor; however, alternative and complementary treatments and medicines can significantly help in making these conditions better. Alternative therapies such as shiatsu massage are actually becoming much relied on and well-trusted by many people these days. Even Hollywood personalities and celebrities seek treatment from alternative practitioners, therapists, and doctors to improve their overall health and well being.

Shiatsu massage is one of those procedures a lot of people rely on to uplift their spiritual condition and improve their health. It can very much help better your condition if you’re suffering from psychological and physical complaints.

While this therapy does not totally relieve body disorders such as headaches anxiety, muscle cramps, depression, pulled muscles, stress, nausea, or stiffness it is believed to help people by applying pressure on the affected pressure points on various parts of the body.

Shiatsu massage is actually a Chinese type of acupressure treatment although its name comes from two Japanese words “shi,” meaning finger, and “atsu,” meaning pressure. Sometimes it is called Zen shiatsu. Through its philosophy of balancing energy, shiatsu massage unites the spiritual, medical and philosophical levels of the body.

Zen Shiatsu Massage

In Western countries, Zen shiatsu massage has become a very popular form of therapy. Massage procedures have developed fusing them with the belief that vital or life energy, known as qi or chi flows through energy channels called meridians. If the flow of energy is moving smoothly along the meridians, it carries powerful positive energy which fetches away negative energy and eliminates toxins from the body.

From time to time, however, chi flow eventually becomes blocked and stagnates, which upsets the Yin and Yang of the body or the natural balance of energy causing your body to become psychologically or physically sick. To help free the person of this condition, the blocked energy channels needs to be cleared and chi flow restored back through the use of shiatsu massage.

Another explanation from the Eastern viewpoint doesn’t view indigestion, swollen joints, depression, or headaches as sources of discomfort; they are actually signs or symptoms indicating the existence of a hyperactive or underproductive chi, either which causes the illness. The Eastern perspective believes that shiatsu massage therapy can treat all these conditions.

How Is Shiatsu Administered?

Before the therapist administers shiatsu massage, he or she must first make a diagnosis of your problem to identify or assess where the chi or energy may be siphoned or blocked or where it flows healthily. Your therapist will ask if you are suffering from certain ailments. After that, he or she will administer a few light massages to identify any stiff or tender pressure points in your body. Then firm pressure will be applied on the pressure points after the diagnosis that can run along the 14 meridians of your body, through the use of the therapist’s pairs of feet, elbows, knees, knuckles, palms, thumbs or fingers.

It is advised that clients wear thin, comfortable, and loose garments so they may be comfortable during the therapy as shiatsu massage is performed on clients with their clothes fully on. Expect deep breathing as well as rotating, manipulating, and stretching of your pressure points as you are given the therapy. While this is normal, also expect a slightly uncomfortable sensation after the massage.

Getting shiatsu massage therapy, performing physical workout every day, leading a healthy lifestyle, and following a proper diet can help you achieve an improved sense of well being. Having shiatsu massage therapy on a daily basis for healing purposes can also turn it into a form of preventative therapy on certain psychological and health problems.

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The Healing Effects Of Chua-Ka Massage Therapy

Chua-Ka is a form of Mongolian massage that is very similar to Chinese Tui Na massage. It is a form of deep tissue physiotherapy designed to clear tension and trapped pain in the body and to free minds and souls from preoccupation and fear. This type massage can therefore be used to cure psychological tensions as well as physical maladies.

In Chua Ka philosophy, we are all born supple and smooth. As we get older, this suppleness and smoothness gradually disappear; painful spiritual, mental, and physical memories begin to build up; and deposits of metabolic waste products accumulate in our bodies. The mind and body in Oriental medicine are one and anything that arises in the mind can manifest in the body and vice versa.

Chua-ka therapeutic massage works by freeing the mind and body of these aforementioned memories and wastes build up resulting in good health and a greater sense of awareness. On your first visit, your Chua-ka therapist will need to ask you a few questions pertaining to your lifestyle, diet and health history. This will help him formulate a plan of treatment to address your specific needs.

Your therapist will need to use certain thumb techniques in order to massage the deep tissues of your body during the massage therapy. Smooth long strokes may also be used to help jump start your circulatory system and promote elasticity of your skin. This is a deep tissue therapy yet very gentle leading to an overall sense of health and well-being.

Towels are used during the massage to help comfort patients and to keep them warm. Chua Ka therapy is the best form of massage therapy to consider for people seeking a way to improve self-awareness and health. It is extremely effective for the following problems:

• Cellulite
• Stress and associated symptoms
• Headaches and migraines
• Digestive disorders
• PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
• Insomnia
• Back pain
• Muscle pain

Ni Nan Gilbert is a licensed acupuncturist in Bellmore, NY with certification in Chinese Herbology and over 16 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine.

The Ancient Art Of Chinese Rejuvenation

The story below will be of great interest for people interested in skin rejuvenation who are seeking a way to reduce fine lines and eye wrinkles.

A young-looking Chinese woman on September 30, 2005, was touring Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, when she decided to see what’s inside of a casino. Tian Yang, the woman’s name, had never seen a casino before as China has strict laws that forbade gambling. She was stopped by a security officer as she tried to enter the front entrance-way. The security officer asked Ms. Yang to show proof of her age. Since it is the job of the security officer to make sure that no one under the age of 19 enters the casino in violation of Ontario law, there was nothing unusual about his request.

Tian Yang pulled out her passport. As the officer checked her identification, he was shocked to see that Yang would be turning 50 on her next birthday. Guy Fader, an ex Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer and his wife Mary Lou witnessed this event and you can guarantee that this story has been told to the acquaintances, family, and friends of the Faders after witnessing this amazing development. To the Canadian husband of Tian Yang, this came as no surprise as he is used to this type of thing happening all the time ever since she married her young looking and beautiful Chinese wife.

Unknown to the people beholding the security officer’s age check of Tian Yang was a Grand Master of the ancient art of Chinese rejuvenation: Tian Yang herself. Even in most parts of China, Chinese rejuvenation is a hidden mysterious art, and Tian Yang is living proof of her deep understanding of this art. She was born and grew up in southwestern China in Chongqing, the only place where the technique of rejuvenation has been refined in apparently unbelievable levels.

Despite her youthful appearance, Tian Yang emphasizes that her youthful look should not be and was not the objective of the art of Chinese rejuvenation but merely a side effect. The aim of a person should always be to rejuvenate the entire body so that health can be improved, and the body’s biological age markers are rejuvenated or reduced in order to prolong a person’s quality of life. She also said that having a long life, for instance, like living a hundred years or so, is only advantageous if one experiences a vital and joyous quality of life. Longevity cannot be extended by withering away in a nursing home. This type of longevity is merely extending life, usually, via artificial medical intervention.

Nonetheless, the technique used by Tian Yang has helped prevent the rise of aging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles in her face. It is of huge interest to people living in the modern Western world. The art of Chinese rejuvenation does not require any injections, lotions, or crèmes, can be done almost anytime and anywhere, and practically costs nothing. The technique or method by which Tian Yang eliminates, lessens, or prevents wrinkles and fine lines is a literal translation of the Chinese language, “acupoint massage”.

The acupoints on a person’s face are located on ten important areas in the face. Each point is influential in preventing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. If you haven’t harmed your body with excessive sun exposure and an unhealthy lifestyle, acupoint massage can even help banish your fine lines and wrinkles. The “Tong Tsi Liao” is one such point that can be found on the eyes’ outer edge. When these points are administered with acupoint massage, it can help minimize the circles and swelling around the eyes. A by-product of acupoint massage is its ability to alleviate headaches. One administers this massage by pressing not too hard but firmly the acupoint using the pointer finger, massaging the point in a circling manner about ten times very slowly. When this is done, it is the Chinese believe that the person’s vital energy or Chi becomes unblocked and stimulated which thus results in the rejuvenation of the skin. While this may sound a bit arcane, nevertheless, it apparently works. The appearance of Tian Yang’s is strong proof that her system works.

Dr. Vickery is a licensed acupuncturist in Tarzana, CA., and the founder and clinical director of Vickery Health and Wellness.

What Is A Tongue Diagnosis In Chinese Medicine?

For more than two millennia, tongue diagnosis has been consistently used by almost all practitioners of Chinese medicine. More than 280 “imbalances” or diseases can be diagnosed through the appropriate use of this technique.

Some holistic practitioners in King of Prussia have used the tongue diagnostic technique to observe how the body and mouth are truly connected to each other.

During a tongue examination, the practitioner not only evaluates the dental and periodontal conditions of the patient, he also observes the tongue’s condition and deciphers the information it provides for those concerned.

A tongue that is considered normal will typically have a white thin coating and be light red in color. The tongue should neither be too dry nor too wet. It should be without crevices and cracks.

When the body suffers from a disease or imbalance, the tongue may manifest certain conditions that a dentist may be familiar with. For instance; a yellow-green color or yellowish tongue may signify a gallbladder or liver condition. A brownish-gray or gray tongue may indicate an intestinal or abdominal problem. A white tongue may suggest the release of toxins by the body. A tongue showing teeth edges at the borders usually means a deficiency in minerals. Cracks or indentations on the surface of the tongue may suggest a deficiency in vitamins.

Those are just a few instances of how the tongue can provide information to the alert practitioner. Though the mouth, the practitioner can learn so much from a clinical examination, even before he takes the patient’s dental x-rays.

If any of these conditions appear in your tongue, do not push the panic button or stress out. Just realize that these are signs to warn you that you need to start paying attention to a specific deficiency in your body, and take the necessary steps to get the issues rectified. Talk to your doctor and together assess your present state of health.

Two tips that may be helpful in resolving these imbalances are a body-cleansing diet combined with liver gall-bladder flush. Both methods can help balance the chemistry of your body, flush out toxins, and provide you with a boost of energy that everyone is looking for.

The Seven Habits Of Healthy Eating In Traditional Chinese Nutritional Therapy

Traditional Chinese nutritional therapy offers seven certified habits of healthy eating, habits that anyone can integrate into their daily life starting NOW. For over two and a half millennia, through trial-and-error, traditional Chinese nutritional therapy has evolved, been refined, and has been used by countless numbers of people despite the fact the some of its principles or habits may contravene with what we’ve been told or learnt. Simply speaking, what doesn’t work was discarded a long time ago and what works is still in use today. You don’t need to eat Chinese food or even be Chinese in order to implement all or some of these habits in order to derive their numerous benefits to health.

The Seven Habits of Healthy Eating

1. In general, consume cooked foods: In Chinese nutritional therapy, your meals should mainly be eaten warm and/or cooked. When eaten in excess, raw fruits and vegetables can weaken and cool the digestive system resulting in such issues lack of energy, watery stools, and bloating. In Chinese nutrition, cooking is deemed as a type of pre-digestion process which makes digestion easier to occur. On the other hand, raw cold foods need a lot of digestive power in order to break food down. Proper cooking methods include stir-frying and steaming as they lightly and quickly cook while still maintaining nutrients.

2. Eat regularly and at fixed times: Your body responds to and likes regularity and this not just during mealtimes, but in working and sleeping too. If you are not sure about this, notice what it does to your sleeping, eating, and bowel habits next time you take a long trip. For optimum vitality and health, you need to maintain and establish regular sleep times, meal times, and bowel movements.

3. Don’t overeat: Be gentle to your bowels and digestive organs and don’t eat when you’re 70 to – 75% percent full. The intestines and abdomen get impaired when one over eats and this can result in weight gain, gas, putrefaction, constipation, sluggishness, bloating, indigestion, and other problems.

4. Eat slowly, chew thoroughly: Your mouth is where digestion begins and by eating slowly and thoroughly your chewing food before ingestion guarantees effortless and total digestion. Also, avoid eating when angry since it can significantly impair digestion – skip the meal completely or wait till you calm down.

5. Take a slow leisurely walk after meals: In China, whenever a customer leaves a restaurant, the staff will thank him for coming then say, “man shou”, which means, “walk slowly”. Ten to twenty minutes after a meal, talking a leisurely and stroll can promote nutrient absorption and facilitate digestion. Rubbing your stomach in slow circles with one palm on the other, around your umbilicus, towards your colon, can also aid digestion. This is also an ideal way to prevent or even treat digestive disorders. Do this while taking a leisurely slow walk or while standing still.

6. Perform the Ab Lift: Another great way to lose weight is exercising prior to breakfast. Since you haven’t eaten for ten or more hours, you use the fat stored in your body for energy. Before breakfast and before every meal, one highly recommended exercise is the Abdominal Lift. It only takes a couple of minutes and it’s so easy to do. The Ab Lift basically involves using the muscles of your stomach to lift your abdomen upwards and towards your spine, holding the spine for a few seconds then carefully releasing it. To help with ingestion, absorption, and elimination, this exercise can also be done an hour after meals.

7. Avoid cold drinks: Drinking cold drinks especially drinks with ice, more so when you’re eating, can be very bad for digestion. During digestion, heat is required to break down the food and fluids you consume. Essentially, cold has contracting and slowing qualities; hence, extremely cold foods such as ice cream and cold drinks, tend to impede and slow digestion resulting in stomach discomfort and pain, and digestive issues. Drink green tea or warm water instead. Hot or warm water helps wash out toxins while green tea help prepare your digestive system for food. Before eating, drinking a cup of green tea for ten to twenty minutes can be especially helpful after eating fried and heavy foods such as meat. After meals, drinking green tea can benefit digestion.

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