Providing Acupressure Treatment For Your Animal Friends

More and more animal owners seeking ways to help their furry family members live happier, healthier, and longer lives are turning to holistic therapies for animals such as acupressure. Those animal lovers are at the forefront of demanding more options for their pets. This shift in viewpoint challenges veterinarians to consider alternative modalities other than the western medicine paradigm they learned in veterinary school. To their credit, a lot of veterinarians are responding.

Acupressure has been used for ages in China to help maintain the well-being and health of farm animals. In our modern age, a great number of classes, books, and programs are offered for people who want to learn about this healing art. Using the same principle as acupuncture, acupressure uses the hands to manipulate the pressure points instead of needles. In Eastern medicine, every creature born possesses a certain amount of energy or Chi. This Chi gradually becomes exhausted due to age, trauma, injury, and illness. To restore the expended Chi, Acupressure is used to activate specific pressure points on the body.

When an acupressure point is stimulated, it releases endorphins, helps relax the body, relieves pain, and increases the transport of oxygen-free and new blood into an ailing part of the body to supply nutrients in the body and cleanse out toxins. Acupressure is an ideal therapy when it’s used as a preventative measure to maintain well being and health. Depending on the animal being treated the number of “maintenance sessions” the practitioner administers on the animal vary, although for a healthy animal, it is usually about one session every one to four weeks. The number of sessions will be based on the type of condition being treated, genetics, lifestyle, age, and health of the animal. Acupressure can be used to alleviate certain chronic and acute conditions.

Typical Acupressure Treatment

Observing the animal patient

Initially the practitioner will observe the gut sounds, posture, and movement of the animal and take note of the patterns and marks on the body using these as either signs of health or of a specific problem. Then the practitioner will ask permission from the animal to perform an acupressure procedure. The practitioner does this by softly touching and speaking to the animal so that it becomes relaxed and gives the practitioner its permission. The next phase of the treatment is the Opening, in which the practitioner runs his/her hand from the animal’s eye to its hind foot along a chi channel known as the Bladder Meridian. This activates the flow of energy in the whole body of the animal and prepares it for the actual Treatment phase. The type of treatment for each animal will be unique and customized based on its problem. The goal of the treatment is to heal and balance the health of the animal. The final phase of treatment is called the Closing and is similar to the opening, wherein the practitioner gives a long stroke from the animal’s eye to its hind foot. This helps the animal feel refreshed and relaxed. Based on the animal and its problem, a session of acupressure may last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

For alternative cooperative and holistic therapies like Aromatherapy, Massage, Reiki, or Acupressure, you may start to realize personal discoveries that usually rely on you and your practitioner’s intuition instead of scientific theory or logical processes. This is the reason a lot of holistic treatments do not meet the criteria of scientific proof in order for them to be considered viable and bona fide treatments from the viewpoint of modern medicine even though they have shown to work on a lot of people and animals.

Holistic animal treatments such as acupressure are rewarding and exciting fields of study for people seeking to improve the well being and health of their animal friend.

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Moxibustion To Eliminate The Symptoms And Underlying Cause of Frozen Shoulder

As clinical studies have confirmed, a combination of moxibustion and acupuncture treatment for Frozen Shoulder works extremely well and many people are curious as to how the treatment actually achieves this. In their western medical viewpoint, modern medical doctors are actually at a loss as to what exactly causes frozen shoulder and if they don’t how the condition arises, their modes of treatment are practically ineffective. Frozen shoulder’s most intriguing aspect is that the sufferer usually has no history of injury. This has made researchers pause to believe that its cause may be due to an auto immune problem. However the researchers still don’t know why the problem tends correct itself after 1½ years or so without requiring any medical intervention.

Over a thousand years ago, classical Chinese medicine texts have described frozen shoulder and its symptoms. This disorder was called by various names, including “Old Woman’s Shoulder” or ‘100 Years old shoulder”.

It’s interesting to note that statistics gathered by western medical researchers reveal that women tend to be more affected by frozen shoulder than men. This was also observed by ancient Chinese physicians hundreds of years ago. Actually, treatment of this condition in women is different to men. Unlike Western conventional medicine, Chinese medicine does not follow the “one size fits all” approach in which steroid shots are the standard for both male or female, and young and old alike.

The aim of Boynton Beach acupuncturists in treating frozen shoulder is to bring back harmony to the yin and yang forces of the body. In Chinese medicine, frozen shoulder is essentially a problem in the balance between yin and yang. Western medical studies have actually supported the traditional Chinese medicine perspective of frozen shoulder.

Western medical doctors have observed that their patients during cold weather report their shoulder pain gets worse. This is especially true when the weather changes to extreme cold all of a sudden. Frozen shoulder, according to Chinese medicine, is the result of external cold weather piercing through the shoulder joint and building up there eventually “freezing” up the joint.

This condition, according to Western medicine, is due to a lack of synovial fluid that lubricates the shoulder blade and upper arm. This is congruent to Chinese medicine theory stating that the watery yin fluids have either dried up or become depleted brought about by a history of flu and fever.

Frozen shoulder pain also tends to get worse at night. In Chinese medicine, this may be due to a blood and energy flow blockage that escalates at night due to inactivity and sleeping.

Western medicine treatments for frozen shoulder include regular moving and stretching exercises. In Chinese medicine, practitioners simply go about rectifying the obvious: eliminating the build-up of cold with moxibustion heat therapy.

In moxibustion therapy, yu zhu and other yin moistening Chinese herbs and fluid building acupoints are used to nourish the yin fluids.

Acupoints that are known to boost blood flow and mobilize energy are used to expel the blockage that causes the increased pain at night. Cupping is specifically used to In particular cupping is used enhance the circulation of blood.

Additional acupoints are used for women suffering from frozen shoulder to benefit and normalize their hormone system. To further accelerate healing and increase mobilization, Tui Na massage may also be used.

The Many Advantages of Using TCM Herbal Remedies

Also known as alternative medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a very important component of today’s health care system. Many of TCM’s treatments are used to alleviate dozens of symptoms, resolve various disorders, and even lessen the growth of cancerous cells. Two of TCM’s most important modalities, herbal therapy and acupuncture offer people the chance of an active, healthy life.

TCM, for thousands of years, has been deemed to be one of the most effective and versatile therapies for many ailments. These days, many people all around the world believe in the powers of this healing system, and because of the Internet, are able to make an informed decision on the subject.

Compared to modern Western medicine, Chinese medicine is a lot different in its philosophical concepts and is based on age-old beliefs that originated in China. Practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that treating the whole person is essential in order to restore vitality and give the body what it needs to become balanced and harmonious. Different types of modalities are utilized and millions of people aver that Chinese medicine has made their life much better.

With the help of traditional Chinese medicine, the body’s normal function can be very well maintained. Herbal treatments, acupuncture, and massage are utilized and are well presented online, explaining their recommended uses and specific advantages. To appreciate how TCM works, it is crucial that people understand the concept of yin and yang as well as the existence of vital energy or Chi (Qi) in the human body.

Chinese herbal medicine is perhaps the most important component of traditional Chinese medicine. This form of healing modality can help restore the body into wellness and health in a natural way. There is a huge variety of herbal ingredients used to help restore balance to the human body and many of these ingredients are commonly used around the world due to their potency, availability, safety, and usefulness. Chinese herbal therapy has specialists that still follow very old and rarely modified traditions. The herbs they use possess diverse agents that fortify and strengthen the body that are combined into a formula to address the specific needs and constitution of the patient.

You can research a wide variety of Chinese herbs on the Internet to find out what herbs work best for you and it is essential that you read about them. You’ll find natural herbs that can help improve digestion, enhance relaxation, and boost the health of the skin and hair. There are also a lot of herbs that can help treat female and male sexual disorders and herbs that can help alleviate mental and physical ailments as well as pain.

Because it is a safe and natural healing alternative for diseases and disorders, Traditional Chinese medicine has been the subject of controversies brought about by the profit-driven Western pharmaceutical and Western medical cartel. They accuse TCM as being mostly placebo and that it follows a pseudo-scientific method. Some even say that the herbs have no therapeutic value whatsoever while others report that they generate negative side effects. As a result, herbal medicine has been marginalized and people end up being misinformed. Thankfully, the Internet is able to give this major branch of alternative medicine a chance to fairly present itself and as a result, people are much able to comprehend the incredible benefits and importance of its products. The fact is most of the pharmaceutical products manufactured and used today by Western medicine are derived from these herbal products.

Chinese herbs and their uses have long been studied by scientists. What they have discovered is that these herbs have extremely potent effects, providing the body with essential vitamins and minerals that help raise the energy levels of the body. Many of the herbs are widely known for tonifying and reducing stress levels in the body. Chinese green tea, for example, helps restore vitality and millions of people around the world go to the Internet to purchase these products.

The World Wide Web has given us a chance to know, access, and purchase a wide variety of Chinese herbal products. They are used for different purposes, as each herb may possess one or more health-enhancing benefits. Some herbs can help you lose weight as they can provide you with extra energy to exercise or help suppress your appetite. Herbal remedies that are very popular are sold as tea, pills, tablets, or capsules. They may lessen mood swings or stimulate the nervous system or, on the contrary, may bring about a pleasant state of relaxation.

You may be able to find a Chinese medicine treatment for every ailment known to man. All around the world, people believe in this treatment and prefer it over the dangerous modalities offered by Western conventional medicine.

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The Reasons Why Chinese People Tend To Live Healthier Longer Lives

Research has shown that in the West, more and more younger people are getting sick and some, even dying, due to man-made maladies brought on by unhealthy diets, mindsets, and habits. It seems that a better respect and understanding for the human system has been accumulated by the Chinese that have allowed them to live healthier and longer lives. Listed below are the basic reasons why this is so:

1. For the Chinese, food is not looked on as an enemy; however, in the West, where food is abundant, the fashion industry has bred societies of malnourished women. The Chinese consider food not as a way to gain excess weight but as merely as a way to attain basic nourishment.

2. The Chinese also utilize food as medicine and prefer it more to toxic pharmaceutical drugs for the curing of ailments. For example, to facilitate digestion or cure colds, chili and garlic are used as a means to counteract toxins.

3. These people also have been the greatest promoters of Green Tea, an herbal remedy famous for neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals that’s believed to damage cells, accelerate aging, and cause cancer.

4. In the West, exercise is seen as something tedious and difficult to do and thus should be avoided like the plague. On the other hand, the Chinese emphasize passive exercises like tai chi, an extremely gentle activity that does not run counter to the natural tendencies and rhythm of the human body. This exercise is appropriate for all ages due to its gentle and slow movements and can be done anywhere. Tai chi’s easy pace also de-clutters the mind and uplifts the spirit. It is done not so much as to rectify the harm done by overeating but as a way to maintain a natural balance between the body and the mind.

5. The Chinese usually eat until they’re comfortably full and satiated. Most people in the West either eat too little or too much. When our personal aims aren’t based on satisfaction and health, we oftentimes follow the whims of the diet industry where profit rather than health is its primary goal.

6. The typical American diet tends to be a bit dry and the liquids ingested are alcohol and sugary soda drinks or fruit juices. At every meal, the Chinese have a soup-based dish packed with nutrients that can help prevent the tendency to overeat and to fill the stomach before the meal proper.

7. In Chinese nutritional therapy, vegetables play a very important role in health, way above carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, etc.) and protein (pork, chicken, beef, etc.). They are considered meals themselves.

8. Compared to the processed foods served in the West, on a typical Chinese table, foods served are usually a lot fresher. This means that they get more nutritional value from their foods compared to the genetically modified organisms offered by the food industry that has no nutritional value whatsoever can even be dangerous to your health when consumed. Unfortunately, the Chinese government is now also one of the biggest producers of GMO products in the world today.

9. Compared to people in the West, especially in the States who often eat a lot of calories and are usually not active, the Chinese on the whole, are a lot fitter and slimmer. They tend to eat foods that are richer in nutrients than calories and so they hardly have any issue with their weight and overall health.

10. The word calorie has no equivalent in the Chinese language.

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Acupuncture Can Help Resolve Gastritis Symptoms

The inflammation of the gastric mucosa results in a condition known as gastritis. More specifically, the condition comes about when the stomach has too much gastric acid content in it which damages the protective layer of the stomach. The damage to the mucosal cells causes the inflammation resulting in the inflammatory reaction.

Gastritis may also be caused by mental stress. The condition usually heals without any permanent damage to the stomach, although on rare occasions, it can result in stomach ulcers or complicate into gastrointestinal perforation or bleeding. Stomach ulcers can be a potentially huge problem as it can degrade and result in stomach cancer.

Gastritis has basically two forms:  acute gastritis and chronic gastritis.

Acute gastritis is a stomach mucosal inflammation condition that develops all of a sudden. Symptoms of this include extreme pain in the stomach area, vomiting, and nausea.

Chronic gastritis develops over an extended amount of time leading to signs and symptoms that include belching or bloating after preparing food, gas, and non-specified stomach pain.

For chronic gastritis, a Helicobacter pylori bacterial infection is the most common culprit although the condition may be triggered by too much nicotine, medications, and alcohol use.

Diagnosing Gastritis

One of the most important tools to diagnose gastritis is by a gastroscopic examination. This examination entails the taking of tissue samples to make sure that an ulcer gastric cancer can be ruled out.

Treating gastritis

Gastritis pain can be immediately reduced by avoiding spicy and heavy foods as well as coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol.

Western modes of treat usually involve medications including antacids (acid blockers) and drugs that lower acid production in the stomach (proton pump inhibitors).

Naturopathy Helps Treat Gastritis:

Healing Clay – relieves inflammation and helps detoxify the body
Fennel – has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties
Zinc – speeds up the healing process
Basenkur – restores acid-base balance in the stomach

Spices and Teas for gastritis:

Ginger – possesses anti-inflammatory effects
Turmeric – contains berberine which acts like an antibiotic
Chamomile tea – has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antispasmodic properties

Homeopathy for gastritis:

Phosphorus –nausea reliever
Nux Vomica – treats weakness and the burning emptiness in the stomach
Pulsatilla – clears heat, resolves constipation
Silver nitrate – treats diarrhea, bad taste in the mouth, and nausea after eating cold food
Ignatia – relieves cramping and nervous bloating
Colloidal Silver – kills the Helicobacter pylori bacteria and other pathogens

TCM helps with gastritis:

Stomach pain, according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is usually connected to stagnation of qi although fire can also be another reason for the stagnation. Acupuncture can help to unclog the liver qi obstruction. Chinese herbal formulas that possess anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities can also be considered in the treatment.