Chinese Medicine Approaches To Diabetes, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, And Flu

Long before the advent of Western medicine, Chinese medicine has already reached its Golden Age. These days, illnesses such as diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. rely on blood tests and sophisticated scientific instruments for monitoring and detection. Can Chinese herbal wisdom be used to treat these ailments? Do hundreds of year old natural remedies have a role to play? If the herbalist knows how, of course, the answer is yes. Although it may not be a direct and easy way, nature always provides us with the things we need.

We will attempt to explain how the transformation can be done. With his keen knowledge of herbs, the herbalist needs to make use good reasoning and superior skills to make the herbs work in the modern world. This may necessitate a knowledge of the nature of the illness, and equally important, the adaptation and cultural background of Chinese medicine. Let us use the following examples:


People during old times did not have the luxury of indoor plumbing – there were no flushing toilets at that time and excrements and urines were gathered and picked up every morning from each home and converted into fertilizers. People always saw ants around their urine containers in some homes of people with diabetes. This gave rise to the term “sugar urine” because everybody knew ants loved sugar. Eventually, people were able to identify people with diabetes and their symptoms. The cause or causes of diabetes, however, was still vaguely understood save for it being associated with issues in the kidneys and to sugar.

The Chinese herbal plan of treatment for diabetes is to regulate the water content, increase blood flow, burn off the excess sugar, nourish the blood, and reinforce the kidneys, since diabetes means sugar content in the urine.


Recently discovered by modern scientific methods, cholesterol is a substance in the body that has no equivalent in classical Chinese medicine in Austin. Without the benefit of blood tests, the Chinese could not have possibly known that cholesterol existed in the body at that time. This is the reason there is no herb for cholesterol in the dictionaries of herbs, except in advertising and rumors. Presently, has there been any lab test that can verify an herb for cholesterol?

The appropriate plan of treatment for cholesterol is to strengthen the liver and the stomach with the correct herbs so that cholesterol can be more effectively broken down and pushed out of the body since most cholesterol is derived from fat and the food we eat. This strategy depends on certain herbs and a couple of major organs to do the work.

High Blood Pressure

Nowadays, a person’s blood pressure can be easily measured with a simple modern instrument. During ancient time, people depended on the feeling of a “swollen head” or a “rushing pulse” which were very unreliable. The reality that high blood pressure can quickly lead to a stroke was not well understood. This is the reason the Chinese has the term “shong feng”, which literally means being stricken by the wind. This means that during ancient times, the Chinese weren’t sure about what caused a stroke. Using the wind factor to denote a stroke was not only highly inaccurate, it was puzzling and convenient as well.

The aim of high blood pressure herbal therapy is to regulate water in the blood, boost blood flow, and relax the body especially the liver. There are various herbs for application when the right plan has been defined this way.


Around 200 A.D., the notion of contagious disease was first discussed. Unfortunately, the concept of the flu virus never arose in classical Chinese medicine without the help of the microscope, which was invented much later. “Gan mao”, which means catching something dangerous is the Chinese term for flu.

For a long time, the Chinese were able to understand the flu quite well by carefully observing the symptoms and of the disease even without being aware of the existence of the flu virus. They were also able to devise a plan of treatment for the disease, which has shown to be extremely effective. By removing all the “disease poisons” from the body, Chinese herbal therapy for cough and flu can help people get well within a few days. In comparison, Western medicine solely relies on antibiotics to destroy the flu virus. We all are in agreement that the body has the ability to kill the virus because of our powerful immune system. Should we aid the body in killing the virus or should we destroy the virus for the body? It all depends on the kind of treatment plan you want to take.

Acupuncture Can Be Used To Treat Diabetes Symptoms and Their Underlying Cause

One of the most popular healing therapies to help cure various types of illnesses is acupuncture. It is widely practiced in almost all countries of the globe. Acupuncture has its roots in Ancient China and has powers that can treat or cure several types of diseases over a certain period of time. In the healing of severe pain, allergy/colds, and diabetes, there is enough proof that acupuncture works. This treatment is maximally potent if the one performing it is skilled, has the proper qualifications, and has wide experience in treating the condition suffered by the patient.

Acupuncture is a procedure that basically entails the sticking and manipulation of hair thin needles into the patient’s body in order to alleviate pain. It is deemed to be safe if sterilized needles are utilized and is used a general treatment when a patient needs to be cured of an illness. Occasionally, patients do not want to take drugs even when they are about to experience excruciating physical pain; acupuncture can be a terrific discovery for these people, in this regard. This treatment is the most natural way of getting rid of pain once and for all and an excellent of way experiencing bliss.

Acupuncture’s treatment of diabetes has made the treatment even more popular worldwide out of all the conditions that this ancient healing therapy has to deal with. Acupuncture treatment for diabetes has been shown to very effective thus leading to its huge demand among a growing number of patients. Acupuncture is a trusted way of providing long term and natural healing for diabetes patients in the United States as the rate of diabetes has long approached alarming levels in most parts of this country.

Acupuncture treatment for diabetes has the ability to lower sugar levels in the body, more so with patient suffering from non-insulin dependent type 2, diabetes which in the US is the most common form of diabetes. This type of diabetes is one of the leading causes of disability and death associated with metabolic diseases in the US.

Acupuncture treatment for diabetes uses acupuncture points on specific areas of the body. When stimulated, the points can help bring about a resolution of diabetes symptoms as well as the treatment of the underlying cause of the symptoms. These acupoints can be identified by evaluating the past medical history of the patient and the current stage of advancement of the disease. More often than not, each patient will get an acupuncture treatment different from other patients. This means that each patient is needled on different acupoints even if they present with the same condition and symptoms. Also, one should expect a long term treatment in which the practitioner tries to detect all the diabetic symptoms, which in turn is addressed with the correct form of treatment.

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