How Acupuncture Benefits People Suffering From Drug Addiction

Acupuncture has become a common way of treating patients fighting addiction in the West. More and more judicial courts require that patients be treated with acupuncture as part of their treatment plan. This practice has been integrated in several facilities in the US making acupuncture a main component in the rehabilitation of drug addicts. The incorporation of acupuncture into their treatment plans has truly helped a lot of people recover from narcotics addiction.

Acupuncture Provides a Lot of Benefits for People with Narcotics Addiction

Folks who really have had a difficult time being treated for drug addiction have responded beautifully to acupuncture treatment. Those who have problems managing their agitation or anxiety are calmed by acupuncture therapy. Among patients suffering from fear, the process of acupuncture makes them more receptive as it halts the underlying reason that sets off their fear.

Patients Respond Very Well To Acupuncture

Most people with addiction problems who have received treatment for addiction respond positively to acupuncture. One survey conducted by the Lincoln Hospital has shown that 90% of patients suffering from acute withdrawal got relief from acupuncture treatment. For those who have received the treatment as a part of detoxification, 90% of them voluntarily came back for additional acupuncture treatments. After having several serial acupuncture sessions, 60% of patients remained drug-free for several months.

Studies on Addiction and Acupuncture Treatment in Reading

Besides providing a means for managing withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, and fear for recovering addicts, acupuncture also doesn’t cause any side effects. Patients experience better sleep and lesser cravings for substances after receiving acupuncture.

Ear or acupuncture or auriculotherapy is an acupuncture technique involving the needling of a number of acupoints in the ear. The ones who benefit the most from this type of types of treatment are cocaine addicts. A study done in 2000 by Yale University study showed that after receiving acupuncture about 55% of cocaine addicts tested negative for cocaine. Less than a quarter of the subjects in the study who weren’t treated with acupuncture tested negative for substance abuse.

In 1989, a study was completed showing how severe alcoholics responded to acupuncture. Acupuncture therapy was used along with substance abuse counseling. A group of 40 people being treated for alcohol addiction received only substance abuse counseling while another group of 40 people also with alcohol addiction were treated using substance abuse counseling and auriculotherapy. For the group who received auriculotherapy plus substance abuse counseling, more than half of them finished the treatment program as opposed to fewer than 3% from those who received only substance abuse counseling. Half of the patients who were able to continue to receive acupuncture as a part of their treatment were more likely to remain sober long after completing the initial phase of treatment.

How Does Acupuncture Help People Get Over Their Narcotics Addiction?

Acupuncture needles stimulate blocked energy channels to open which leads to the normal functioning of the lungs, liver, and kidneys. When the channels are free of blockages, energy can flow more freely throughout the body and patients can then manage a lot of their symptoms much better. At the beginning of treatment, cravings tend to become stronger; acupuncture is powerful enough to overcome them. During the entire course of the treatment as patients complete their recovery program, they have to deal with stress, fear, anxiety, and other challenges. Acupuncture assists them by making these emotions more manageable by helping the body calmly deal with all of the negative emotions that may slow down the process of recovery. Patients completing treatment are still required to get acupuncture treatment and therapy and attend group counseling to increase chances of long-term sobriety.

At every phase of an addict’s recovery, acupuncture can provide certain benefits for him/her. Its ability to reinforce the natural response of the body to cravings and stress are but one of the many benefits of this treatment. When patients respond, it leads to quick healing. When acupuncture is incorporated into the treatment the chance of overall cure from addiction becomes very high.

Drug Addiction – Preparing for your Appointment

The first step in seeking real treatment for your drug addiction is to visit your physician. The physician will then likely refer you to a professional mental health provider like a psychiatrist, psychologist or a counselor.

If you want to make the most out of your appointment, then come prepared. How do you get prepared and what can you expect from your doctor?

Things you can do to prepare for your doctor’s appointment

Tell your doctor the truth about your addiction – If you are tempted to give your doctor or your mental health provider the impression that your drug addiction is not as worse than it actually is, your course of treatment is likely to be one that does not give you the best results.

Bring with you a trusted friend or a member of your family – A friend or family member can provide more helpful additional information about your drug addiction if you happen to overlook some pertinent information that your physician or mental health provider may deem important about your problem.

Write down all the medications and drugs you are taking presently. This could even be the supplements, vitamins and of course, the drugs, legal and illegal you are taking.

Make a list of the questions you want to ask your physician or mental health provider.  This is one vital factor to make the most out of your appointment. Some of the questions you can include in the list can be:

  • Do you have some reading materials that can be taken home to read? Are there any websites you can recommend helpful for the treatment and understanding of my addiction?
  • Will I need to stay in a hospital or be treated in an outpatient basis? Will I need to stay or visit a recovery clinic? What recovery clinic do you recommend for me?
  • What kind of mental health provider do you recommend for me? Will it be a counselor, psychologist or a psychiatrist?
  • What do you think is the right course of treatment for my case?
  • Are there any alternative therapies you can recommend besides your main course of treatment?

If new questions rise in your mind during the appointment be sure to tell them to your provider or doctor as well.

What to expect from your doctor/psychiatrist/mental health provider

The doctor needs to ask you relevant questions about yourself to help you with your problem. It is important to answer them truthfully and honestly. If you need to ponder over the questions before answering them then do so. The right information will lead to the right treatment and to a much better recovery.

Questions to be expected from your physician

  • Are you willing and prepared to go through the treatment for your drug addiction problem?
  • Have you attempted to halt your addiction by yourself?  What did you experience when you tried to quit by yourself? Did you suffer from withdrawal symptoms when you stopped?
  • When you take drugs how much drug do you take?
  • How frequent do you use those drugs?
  • What are the drugs you are taking that are addicting?
  • When did you first start taking those drugs?

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