Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Can Heighten The Efficacy Of Radiation Therapy Or Chemotherapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Overland Park can heighten the efficacy of radiation therapy or chemotherapy. It can boost the immune system’s ability to combat cancer and neutralize side effects enabling the patient to recover more quickly.

TCM is a complementary cancer therapy that can help:

  • Boost other cancer therapies
  • Strengthen body condition and resistance
  • Support chemotherapy
  • Limit inflammation
  • Extend longevity
  • Minimizes chemotherapy side effects
  • Improve the quality of life of the patient

Treatment Methods

A person needs to have a smooth flow of qi and blood in order to remain healthy. By regulating their flow, TCM can help alleviate pain and combat cancer cells by removing the internal toxins that allow the cancer cells to thrive. Experienced TCM practitioners can provide the following:

1. Herbal treatment – This approach can eliminate toxicity and remove heat from the body. Heat toxins in TCM, can dry up body fluid, condense the blood, and contribute to the formation of phlegm that obstructs the blood and energy channels that can result in cancer.

2. Yang tonification: The main mode of treatment is to nourish yin and blood and tonify the yang. This approach can help strengthen the innate ability of the patient to combat cancer, both mentally and physically, and to accelerate recovery after traumatic medical interventions. Tonification can be done in all cancer stages, even in the middle to late stages.

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees cancer as a systemic condition related to a weakened state of health and is not a localized problem involving organs or organs, which is the viewpoint of Western medicine. This is an important aspect in the treatment of cancer, since the aim of treatment is to improve the condition of the whole body instead of merely eliminating the cancer cells and the tumor. Individual treatment is therefore necessary to evaluate the symptoms and condition of the patient. A concoction of herbs are prescribed and modified during the treatment to ensure an integrated and comprehensive treatment.

Decreasing Side Effects

The side effects associated with Chemotherapy include a significantly weakened immune, weak appetite, and nausea.

What’s more chemotherapy actually kills all cells even the healthy fast-growing cells that fight the cancer. Chemotherapy also destroys the digestive tract’s mucosal lining. All these result in potential infections, fatigue, malnourishment, and weight loss.

Through herbal therapy, Chinese Medicine can counter-attack and neutralize those side-effects. The benefits of herbal therapy for cancer patients include a reduction of toxicity in the body, better digestive absorption, and an increase in the production of blood cells that can help lead to a fast recovery.

If you have a strong body, you’ll be able to fight cancer much better and withstand the effects chemotherapy. This makes herbal therapy and ideal complementary treatment for the very toxic, highly expensive, and dangerous chemotherapy.

Western medicine and TCM should work hand-in-hand in destroying cancer by creating synergies and integrating its therapies together. Medical studies have shown that when combined, these two health care systems is a much more effective approach than if either treatment was separately utilized.

The Many Advantages of Using TCM Herbal Remedies

Also known as alternative medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a very important component of today’s health care system. Many of TCM’s treatments are used to alleviate dozens of symptoms, resolve various disorders, and even lessen the growth of cancerous cells. Two of TCM’s most important modalities, herbal therapy and acupuncture offer people the chance of an active, healthy life.

TCM, for thousands of years, has been deemed to be one of the most effective and versatile therapies for many ailments. These days, many people all around the world believe in the powers of this healing system, and because of the Internet, are able to make an informed decision on the subject.

Compared to modern Western medicine, Chinese medicine is a lot different in its philosophical concepts and is based on age-old beliefs that originated in China. Practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that treating the whole person is essential in order to restore vitality and give the body what it needs to become balanced and harmonious. Different types of modalities are utilized and millions of people aver that Chinese medicine has made their life much better.

With the help of traditional Chinese medicine, the body’s normal function can be very well maintained. Herbal treatments, acupuncture, and massage are utilized and are well presented online, explaining their recommended uses and specific advantages. To appreciate how TCM works, it is crucial that people understand the concept of yin and yang as well as the existence of vital energy or Chi (Qi) in the human body.

Chinese herbal medicine is perhaps the most important component of traditional Chinese medicine. This form of healing modality can help restore the body into wellness and health in a natural way. There is a huge variety of herbal ingredients used to help restore balance to the human body and many of these ingredients are commonly used around the world due to their potency, availability, safety, and usefulness. Chinese herbal therapy has specialists that still follow very old and rarely modified traditions. The herbs they use possess diverse agents that fortify and strengthen the body that are combined into a formula to address the specific needs and constitution of the patient.

You can research a wide variety of Chinese herbs on the Internet to find out what herbs work best for you and it is essential that you read about them. You’ll find natural herbs that can help improve digestion, enhance relaxation, and boost the health of the skin and hair. There are also a lot of herbs that can help treat female and male sexual disorders and herbs that can help alleviate mental and physical ailments as well as pain.

Because it is a safe and natural healing alternative for diseases and disorders, Traditional Chinese medicine has been the subject of controversies brought about by the profit-driven Western pharmaceutical and Western medical cartel. They accuse TCM as being mostly placebo and that it follows a pseudo-scientific method. Some even say that the herbs have no therapeutic value whatsoever while others report that they generate negative side effects. As a result, herbal medicine has been marginalized and people end up being misinformed. Thankfully, the Internet is able to give this major branch of alternative medicine a chance to fairly present itself and as a result, people are much able to comprehend the incredible benefits and importance of its products. The fact is most of the pharmaceutical products manufactured and used today by Western medicine are derived from these herbal products.

Chinese herbs and their uses have long been studied by scientists. What they have discovered is that these herbs have extremely potent effects, providing the body with essential vitamins and minerals that help raise the energy levels of the body. Many of the herbs are widely known for tonifying and reducing stress levels in the body. Chinese green tea, for example, helps restore vitality and millions of people around the world go to the Internet to purchase these products.

The World Wide Web has given us a chance to know, access, and purchase a wide variety of Chinese herbal products. They are used for different purposes, as each herb may possess one or more health-enhancing benefits. Some herbs can help you lose weight as they can provide you with extra energy to exercise or help suppress your appetite. Herbal remedies that are very popular are sold as tea, pills, tablets, or capsules. They may lessen mood swings or stimulate the nervous system or, on the contrary, may bring about a pleasant state of relaxation.

You may be able to find a Chinese medicine treatment for every ailment known to man. All around the world, people believe in this treatment and prefer it over the dangerous modalities offered by Western conventional medicine.

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Getting Rid of Candida Symptoms with Acupuncture and TCM

A lot of women will, at a certain point in their lives, be suffering from this condition. Yeast infection or more commonly referred to as Candidiasis (or Candida, for short) is a fungal infection in the body. This is actually a fungus that is commonly found in a person’s body. Yeast infections usually develop when the body experiences weakness or disharmony. Candida is a disease that is often the result of irregularities in the digestive system, or occasionally, because of a poor diet. It can be also triggered by a weak immune system, too much application of antibiotics, overwork or severe stress. External pathogens, such as environmental factors such as the weather, and viruses usually do not cause this condition. A lot of the typical symptoms that accompany Candida include vaginal and bladder irregularities, throat congestion, bowel disruption, infections of the skin, digestive conditions, food sensitivities or allergies, and fatigue. Symptoms of the female genitalia include irritation, pruritus, and an increase of a milky-white or curd-like discharge.

In the treatment of yeast infections using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a typical pattern or diagnosis of yeast infections is the development of too much dampness in the body. The focus of TCM treatment for Candida is to remove the dampness and resolve the problem in the patient’s digestive system. In addressing the acute symptoms, the dampness needs to brained or dried from the body by utilizing bitter herbs and foods. In resolving the chronic symptoms, the spleen and the abdomen organs need to be fortified by eating an appropriate diet. Once the abdomen and spleen are regulated, the dampness then needs to be transformed.

A lot of foods can lead to the development of dampness in the body: caffeine, too much fruits, moldy foods, additives, alcohol, too little fiber, starches (wheat, potatoes), meat and sugar as well as other factors like antibiotics, stress, and smoking. Sugar, meat, dairy, and starches can produce more dampness than the other mentioned foods. You need to remember that when modifying your diet, begin consuming foods that will lead to much better health. The following are some foods that can strengthen your body to help you ward off candida in the future: citrus fruits, rice vinegar, garlic, adzuki beans, wheat and rice bran, rye, mung beans, barley, kale, alfalfa sprouts, bitter melon, romaine lettuce, dandelion tops, celery, beets, cucumbers and leafy vegetable greens.

One other very important thing to remember is to drink adequate amounts of water. The Candida yeast can actually be removed from the body by drinking water throughout the day and excreting out the Candida. However, drinking teas, juices, coffee products and soda can actually prolong the yeast infection. So if you do regularly drink these products, you need to solely drink water instead, or at least, try to alternate water consumption and these products into your everyday routine.

Fortunately, Candida is moiré or less a harmless condition although it can be extremely uncomfortable. Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treat this condition effectively and can help you recover quickly regardless if you experience a chronic or an acute outbreak.

Ivelisse DeJongh is a Miami acupuncturist and the medical director at DeJongh Acupuncture Clinic.