Bioresonance Therapy – Does it Work?

All things in the world and the known universe (animals, water, humans, rocks stones, viruses, bacteria, stars, comets, galaxies, quasars, black holes, etc.) are made up of atoms. Science tells us that atoms themselves are made up of even smaller subatomic particles. These particles behave like waves emitting energy. Each matter vibrates its own distinct wave frequency and scientists can now determine the distinct wave frequency or oscillations of each body organs and parts as well as the patterns, or oscillations, of harmful elements like toxins, poisons, and viruses.

You may be hearing about Bioresonance for the first time in this article. However, this technology has been actually used for several decades now among commonly used medical procedures that work on oscillations. They include EEG or electroencephalography, a device that tracks brain frequencies, ECG or electrocardiography, which measures heart currents, and MRI or magnetic resonance imaging, an imaging device that is often used to track neural connections and interactions in the brain. All these technologies run on the principle of Bioresonance.

In Boresonance therapy, a healthy organ or individual will radiate frequencies at a healthy normal rate; however, when a person is under severe stress, suffers from negative emotions, is nutritionally deficient, or when his organs are filled with toxins, his resonance will emit weak or imbalanced patterns. If your body has a feeble and out of whack oscillation, it would be unable to defend itself from harmful elements such as heavy and toxic metals and chemicals as well as from bacteria and viruses that the body is frequently exposed to. While these negative elements are considered harmful to the body in the first place, they also have their own oscillating patterns that can also contribute to sickness and disease.

Those familiar with energetic medicine and biochemistry, see that energetics plays a much bigger role in the process of control and regulation than biochemistry. Physiological processes like regeneration, metabolism, growth, and hormone production are controlled and regulated through energetics.

If negative frequencies are affecting your organs and body systems in any way, metabolic and biochemical imbalances can arise that may lead to disease or dysfunction. Our objective in Bioresonance therapy is to eliminate these harmful frequencies, or at least mitigate their effects to give the organ or body time to recuperate.

At VitalGate Health in New York City we provide Rayonex Bioresonance Therapy. The Rayocomp PS 1000 polar device is capable of detecting subtle energies associated with disease and illness that do not necessarily “physically manifest” within the person. It is able to detect energetic disruptions of diseases and illnesses that are either starting to physically manifest, or have been physically present and are still causing symptoms of illness.

The body has a natural ability to heal itself. To help the body and organs heal, we use a wide range of energetic treatments that help restore balance by activating its natural self healing ability, allowing it to recuperate in a safe and natural way.

The energetic waves or bioresonance patterns can also either reduce or increase energy from each other. Several experiments that have been performed over the decades indicate that the electromagnetic profile of harmful elements can be neutralized or cancelled by creating opposite frequencies into the body.

Bioresonance therapy works by producing healing resonance patterns to either weaken or increase the electromagnetic profile of a person. Several European countries have had this technology since the 1970’s and have used it ever since. In fact, this therapeutic practice is the most widely used holistic tool in Germany. In Russia, it is used by the Russian Armed Forces to counter drug addiction and alcoholism, and is also used in outer space to protect the health of Cosmonauts. Today, Bioresonance therapy is used by several International Sports Teams to help athletes become more competitive by helping treat injury faster.

The body is an electromagnetic organism that dispatches and receives electromagnetic energies. These energies are invisible to the naked eye, just as the heat that your body emanates. Each part of your body generates its own unique bioresonance or oscillation pattern. Together, these patterns comprise your overall bioresonance frequency spectrum.

Your body’s energetic patterns can be affected and altered by negative elements such an injury, toxin, virus, bacteria, or negative emotions. When your body is ill or weak, the frequencies of the harmful elements inside your body and energetic field will influence your frequency pattern. A weak body or organ will be unable to emit a harmonious frequency. The Rayonex Bioresonance Therapy machine has the ability to cancel out or reduce these imbalanced bioresonance signatures.

Ni Nan Gilbert, L.Ac is a licensed acupuncturist in Bellmore, NY. She is also the founder of Ni Nan Healing Art Center.