Chinese Herbs and the Three Types of Acne

All forms of acne starts with one basic lesion, an enlarged hair follicle filled with bacteria, dead skin cells and oil known as the comedo. Acne, according to Chinese medicine, is deemed to be typically caused by the environmental force of heat. Chinese medicine calls acne “lesion of the lung wind” or “fei feng fen hsi.”

Chinese medicine believes that the skin is intimately connected with the lung organ. The skin relies on the lungs to furnish it with “essential substances of grains and water.” The skin responds by aiding in the normal process of respiration, which can be gleaned when cold and evil wind (feng) gain access into the body via the sweat-pores.

In Chinese medicine, there are three types of acne: the toxic heat type, the phlegm accumulation type, and the blood heat type.

Toxic Heat Type

The most common signs and symptoms of toxic heat type include a rapid and slippery pulse, a reddish tongue with yellow coating, furuncles and abscesses on the face, acne, scattered inflammatory nodules, and malar flush.

Phlegm Accumulation Type

The signs and symptoms commonly associated with phlegm type include a slippery pulse, tongue with greasy and white coating, and skin lesions marked by cystic and indurative acne.

Blood Heat Type

Signs and symptoms of blood heat type a rapid and slippery pulse, a reddish-tipped tongue with yellow and thin coating, and acnes, tubercles, red papules and inflammatory infiltration around them, along with burning sensation.

In ancient China, diseases were cured with individual herbs. Over time, herbal remedies consisting of a mix of herbs were developed. One very popular herbal formula for acne is the Acne Formula. It consists up of two parts: prescription of ingredients and preparation. The type of herbs prepared according to the prescription is the preparations phase. The herbs may be prepared in forms such as pillets, jelly, powder, pills, soup, etc. A well-prepared medicine herbal treatment can completely cure acne.

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