Five Important Acupressure Points To Treat Phobias And Other Emotional And Mental Problems

Mae sure therapists are trained to locate the acupressure points for phobias. Working on these acupoints can help you recover faster from the phobia and anxiety. You don’t have to utilize all of these pressure points. Whenever you have a free hand, using just one or a couple of them can be effective.

1. Shen Men Acupressure Point (Ht 7)

Whereabouts: Ulnar or medial side of the wrist’s transverse crease.

Treatments: night sweats, chest pain, stage fright, spontaneous sweating, nervousness and phobias. This point needs to be massaged before speeches, interviews, exams, wedding, flying etc. Applying acupressure therapy on the Ht 7 can reduce mental disorders, irritability, poor memory, insomnia, chest palpitations, excessive dreaming, nightmares, emotional stagnation, mending of a broken heart, side effects of chemotherapy and radiation in cancer patients, inability to cry. Acupressure promotes retention of knowledge in the brain and mental clarity (for students, massage the Ht 7 for 5 minutes before starting to study to prepare for tests, exams, chest palpitation, etc.

2. Nei Guan Acupressure Point (P 6)

Whereabouts: On the palmar side, 3 finger width above the crease of the wrist.
Treaments: vomiting, palpitation, chest pains mental disorders, physical and emotional heartache, weight gain, nausea, panic attacks, anxiety, drug, alcohol and smoking addictions, enhance yawning, weak memory, and for treatment of chemotherapy and side effects of radiation therapy.

3. Fen Chi Acupressure Point(Gb 20)

Whereabouts: under the base of the cranium, in the hollow between the two vertical and large neck muscles, two to three inches wide based on the size of the head.

Treatments: dizziness, occipital headache, pain, stiffness of the neck, shoulder pain, fever, common cold, whiplash, high blood pressure, and weakness of the whole body.

4. Wan Gu Acupressure Point (Gb 12)

Whereabouts: on the palm’s ulnar side, in the depressed area between the 5th metacarpal bone and triguetral base

Treatments: stiff neck, sweating, depression, wrist pain, phobias.

5. Lie Que Acupressure Point (Lu7)

Whereabouts: On the arm’s side.
Treatments: migraine, headache, and stiff neck.

You need to drink lots of warm water after being massaged. This helps remove any toxins in our body.

Caution: You need to talk to healthcare practitioner first before starting exercise, herbs and diet.

Beginning any diet, Chinese herbs, exercise, or other supplementation techniques.

Jamie Catlett is an acupuncturist in Jacksonville, FL and the founder of Jacksonville Acupuncture Clinic.