Five TCM Exercises to Relieve Eye Strain

The Chinese have for centuries been world famous for their holistic types of treatment. In their approach to medicine, the Chinese address the underlying roots of people health problems with an emphasis on enhancing general health. Whether the topic is acupressure, herbal therapy, or massage techniques, they have also developed certain eye exercises that eliminate or alleviate eye strain. These stress relieving techniques can be extremely beneficial in reducing vision problems at a time when the use of technology has skyrocketed, placing added strain and stress on our eyes. Listed below are some Chinese eye exercises that will teach you how to prevent eye strain.

1. Chinese Acupressure Mix: This technique involves the application of a gentle massage to the bony area under the lower eye sockets. Gently stimulate that area, using both index fingers, in a circular motion. This area is extremely sensitive so be very careful not to apply too much pressure. Start by massaging the lower eye lids then, do the same circular massage to the bony part right above the upper eyelids. Then, locate the part of the body around the bridge of your nose, and using your thumb, and your first two fingers, massage the bridge of your nose. Perform this technique for a couple of minutes.

2. Chinese Eye Massage: This technique is performed by pressing two middle fingers against the temples. Change the essence of the massage. For example, begin with a circular massage done in a clockwise motion then change the massage in a counter-clockwise direction. Make sure that you are sensitive to yourself.

3. Occipital Massage: In this massage, the thumbs are used to put gentle rubbing pressure behind the ears. That part of the body is massaged in in an up and down motion. The occipital region is the part of the body where the top of your neck meets the bottom of your skull. Massage the entire area for a few minutes.

4. Chinese Facial Exercise: For stained eye sufferers, this is the technique that can help soothe your eyes. To begin, first, close your eyes then locate the exact part of the body area where the upper part of your eye socketadjoinsyour eyeball. Then with both thumbs, stimulate gently that body part. Find the part where your forehead meets your hairline meets. Then, using your fingertips stroke lightly that part. Repeat a set ten times.

5. Chinese Acupuncture Massage: Press with your right thumb, the point between your forefinger and left thumb, about 2 inches in. Repeat ten times.

The above mentioned acupressure techniques and massages will give you a wide range of benefits. Besides, addressing eye strain, those exercises boost the flow of blood to the eyes; which contributes very much to the health of the eyes. They result in the betterment of your vision.

Bear in mend some important points when doing these techniques:

• Always apply acupressure or massage points to spots behind the head, the temples, or both eyes
• Do these routines on a daily basis to obtain maximum benefits, at least two times a day.
• Perform a relaxation technique that involves concentrating on a distant object 10 feet away for 10 minutes after you have completed the routine. This relaxes the eyes and lessens any additional tension in the muscles of the eye.

Acupuncture in Bellingham, acupressure, and Chinese eye exercises in the form of message can provide a slew of benefits to the health of the eyes. They reduce tension and stress in the eyes contributing to eye health. These therapies are key components of Chinese medicine that are designed to resolve underlying causes of vision disorders problems instead of merely treating only the symptoms. Overall eye health is promoted in the long run when the emphasis is on an exhaustive approach to eye care.