The Best Solution to Chronic Anxiety is Acupuncture

Chronic anxiety sufferers more often than not will entertain radical forms of treatment in order to permanently cure their problems especially when they have used up all other options with little or no success. Expect in the long-term antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs and other prescription medications to fail in curing or treating chronic anxiety issues because they were only meant to provide short-term and immediate relief of the symptoms of anxiety and nothing more. Actually, it is not wise to develop chronic drug use to address chronic symptoms as over time, a person would become dependent on the drugs for life. Most chronic anxiety sufferers do not want to deal with managing their anxiety anymore; what they really are looking for is a permanent and total cure that would eradicate their problems once and for all. Now, most of them are turning to alternative treatments and of one of the most sought after of these is acupuncture.

A very old art of Chinese healing, acupuncture is a treatment that involves the use and insertion of filiform needles into various acupuncture points in the body. This is to spur a natural and continuous flow of energy (known as qi or chi) and blood that has been blocked in cases of both physiological and neurological disorders. In our present age, acupuncture is now used as a holistic treatment for depression, anxiety, pain, addiction, and other health issues.

The treatment elicits certain effects on the body that have shown consistent positive results. The benefits acupuncture provides include the following:

1. People often receive acupuncture treatment even without any specific ailment or disease do so because it helps renew their strength and energy.

2. It has no side effects that pharmaceutical drugs have. Therefore, it can be used as an adjunct to medical treatments.

3. Acupuncture therapy leads to a significant improvement in blood flow and greatly reduces the symptoms of stress.

4. This treatment significantly shortens the process of recovery of patients.

5. It eliminates or relieves pain, and substantially lessens the need for pain killing medications.

6. Acupuncture helps boost the immune system.

7. Acupuncture aids the patient in vitality, energy, and strength upon recovery.

Treatment for Anxiety

When a patient undergoes acupuncture, his/her psychological and neurological ailments are addressed. Some patients confess to being generally happy and light and having a more positive disposition after a round of acupuncture treatments. Anxiety related to insomnia can be resolved with this treatment.

Despite a build up evidence from scientific studies proving acupuncture’s efficacy, there are still skeptics who doubt its effects and consider the treatment as just another form of placebo effect. Nevertheless, a lot of medical physicians have trained to become acupuncturists in order in order to integrate it into their practice, mainly for the management of pain and for the treatment of psychological disorders such as anxiety. This treatment is slowly gaining in popularity not only among patients but in the medical profession as well. It can be a permanent cure and might as well be the only real answer for people suffering from chronic anxiety.

Jamie Catlett is a licensed acupuncturist in Jacksonville, FL. She is also the founder of Jacksonville Acupuncture Clinic.

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