What Qigong Is All About

Qigong is an excellent means of cultivating Buddhahood to attain enlightenment just as the Tao School cultivates the Tao to attain the Tao. “Buddha” is a term derived from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit. It was called “Fo Tuo” when it was introduced to China. Some Chinese people translated it as “Fu Tu.” The word was then passed around in China, and it eventually was named just “Fo.” Fo, in Chinese means “an enlightened person,” someone who through cultivation practice has become enlightened.

Any person can actualize their inherent supernormal capabilities through cultivation practice. Today, there are six known supernormal capabilities although it is believed there actually exists thousands of real genuine supernormal capabilities. A person in a sitting position can be able to do what others cannot do even with their feet and hands, even without him moving his feet or hands. He may be also able to comprehend the real truth of each dimension in the universe. This is an individual who’s able to do things that an everyday person cannot do and is able to see the truth of the universe. Has he not attained the Tao via practicing cultivation? Isn’t this person enlightened? Can he still be seen the same was as an everyday person? Didn’t he become enlightened person from cultivation practice? Isn’t it right to refer to him as an enlightened person? He is considered a Buddha in Sanskrit and in reality, he is. This is what qigong is all about.

Others might think that “If all people are healthy and have no illness, why would they practice qigong?” This suggests that qigong is designed to treat illness. That is an extremely superficial understanding of this healing art although one should not be faulted by thinking this way about qi gong since a lot of qigong masters indeed perform things such as maintaining fitness and treating illnesses. Most people are only interested in fitness and healing and hardly anyone teaches anything about spiritual and esoteric levels. Of course, practicing and promoting qi gong for fitness and healing are very good. This is one way of helping people treat their illnesses and improve or maintain their health without needing to use dangerous medications. Still, there are people who are practicing cultivation to attain the high levels. They have the wishes and desires to persevere, but they have not yet achieved the right modes for cultivation, which causes great disappointments and other problems. One should understand that genuinely teaching a practice at high levels may entail very deep issues. Hence, we need to bear responsibility to society and individuals and the overall result of teaching the practice in order to attain the desired high levels.

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