Acupressure Rejuvenates The Body By Eliminating Toxins And Other Harmful Substances From The Body

For thousands of years, body massage has been used to provide relief from pains and aches. Basic rubbing of certain parts of the body to soothe inflamed muscles has now become a specialized skill. While massage is mainly used to alleviate ease pain and generate relaxation, it is also used to alleviate stress, cure digestive conditions, heal stiffness of joints, and treat injuries among many others. The ancient healing practice of massage is now aid and abetted with controlled lighting, soft music, and modern electrical gadgets.

One specialized branch of massage is the ancient Chinese healing art of acupressure. This therapy works on specific principles including the belief that the whole body is one combined unit. Acupressure therapy is performed on the entire body because any disease often tends to impact the entire body, not merely the local areas where the disease manifests. A typical massage only addresses the problematic localized part of the body.

One other principle followed by acupressure is that the major points of blood circulating nerves, the web of glandular system and nervous system are located on the feet and palms. There are points on the feet and palms that correspond to each body organ and by treating those points the specific organ also gets treated.

Insufficient muscular activities give rise to various physical problems in our modern day of living. not following the natural routine of our body (like staying awake when you should be asleep) and our eating of nutrient deficient foods merely exacerbate the problems. By adopting a faulty posture, our muscles start to weaken and our bones begin shifting from their places. Our bodies start to accumulate unwanted deposits of fats and chemicals in the joints, blood vessels, and various parts of the body. As these dangers to our body organs increase, the associated points on our feet and palms also become affected.

The acupoints on the feet and palms mirror the condition of the organs related to them. By feeling feet and palms with gentle pressure, it may be possible to get a clear idea of where the diseased parts of the body are located. If pain is seen on any point, the part of the body associated with that point requires immediate attention.

Pressure is then applied on the feet and palms which has the effect of charging specific parts of the body. When the correct acupoints are applied with pressure, the nerves leading to the affected areas are activated which in turn stimulates those parts. This leads to the increase of the flow of blood and other body fluids that help provide nourishment to those areas and the elimination of waste material from the body. Any unwanted buildup of toxins and hazardous substances start dissolving. The functions of the glands improve and within, the body overall rejuvenation is taking place.

Dr. Vickery is a licensed acupuncturist in Tarzana, CA., and the founder and clinical director of Vickery Health and Wellness.