Qigong For Maintaining Health And Well-Being, And To Bring Harmony To The Spirit, Mind And Body

Qigong is a Chinese term derived from two words, Qi (meaning life energy) and Gong (meaning daily effort).

Qigong is a traditional Chinese mode of treatment in Cleveland used to maintain a person’s inner harmony and to promote self-healing. The therapy is designed to exercise both the mind and body. … Continue reading

Moxibustion Therapy Increases The Amount Of White Blood Cells In Cancer Patients

The Cleveland Traditional Chinese Medicine art of moxibustion can be a potential method for enhancing the immune function of cancer patients. It is a lesser-known treatment in the West than acupuncture, although, recently, this excellent healing technique is experiencing a rise in popularity in the Western world.

Moxibustion involves the … Continue reading

Traditional Chinese Medicine Sports And Exercises Techniques

Sports Medicine is a branch of healthcare involving the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of exercise or sports-related injuries. There are a number of healing techniques within Chinese Medicine in Bellingham to specifically address musculoskeletal problems, rehabilitation, and pain. Exercise and Sports Medicine (which is bracketed under the term Sports Medicine) … Continue reading

The Amazing Benefits Of Traditional Chinese Workout Exercise

A daily traditional Chinese workout exercise is comprised of holistic techniques and exercises that will benefit your spirit, mind, and body.

Why do you need holistic exercising?

Even if you have a flexible, toned, strong body that is desirable and beneficial, you simply don’t have totally harmonious health if you … Continue reading