Acupuncture Can Cure Long Term Gastritis Symptoms

Acupuncture in Orlando for the treatment of gastritis deals with the treatment of inflammation and irritation of the lining of the stomach that damages the wall. Some people with gastritis are asymptomatic while others experience symptoms that can include black stools, vomiting, weight loss, hiccups, unexpected fullness after eating, belching, a burning sensation in the stomach, severe stomach pain, and nausea.

There are two kind of gastritis: acute (this arises suddenly) and chronic (developing over time). Causal factors for gastritis include:

• Certain cancer treatments
• Longstanding use of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
• Cigarette smoking
• Excessive alcohol consumption
• Auto-immune dysfunction
• Extreme stress
• Pernicious anemia (anemia in which Vitamin B12 is not properly absorbed)
• Backflow of bile into the abdomen (Bile reflux)
• Fungus
• Parasite
• Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria

Gastritis usually resolves on its own so treatment is not always necessary. Medical intervention can address the illness rapidly when the underlying cause is a bacterial infection.

Treatments to address gastritis symptoms due to irritants start with the avoidance of irritating foods, temporary regular intake, a proton pump inhibitor, and/or H2 blocker (histamine 2 receptor antagonist).

Treatment of symptoms emanating from more complex causes usually only targets the symptoms and not the cause. Gastritis can result in the ulceration or even perforation of the abdominal lining if it’s inadequately treated.

Gastritis Acupuncture Treatment

According to Western medicine research, acupuncture was been proven to work for chronic atrophic gastritis marked by the slow damage of the mucosal lining of the abdomen, where standard treatment has failed.

A stress component usually figures in the rise of less extreme conditions. This is also effectively addressed with acupuncture treatment.

Another positive result of acupuncture treatment is enhanced immune function. This is important when a virus, fungus, or bacteria is involved.

The digestive system’s other components are also seen to improve with acupuncture treatments, providing both causative and symptomatic cure.