Acupuncture Can Handle Various Types of Neuropathies Very Well

One of the most difficult bodily pains to tolerate is neurological pain. This type of pain typically causes a constant burning sensation or sharp shooting pain in the body. It usually is felt in the same body part with each episode and its origin can be usually traced along the nerve pathway of the patient. Other symptoms can include numbness or oversensitivity of the skin, and impaired function or weakness in the affected area.

Factors that can give rise to nerve pain include toxic chemical exposure, degeneration of the nerves, infection, disease, stroke, inflammation, trauma, and surgery. A lot of times, however, the underlying cause of the pain is unknown. What is known is that nerve pain affects older people more than others.

There are several kinds of nerve pain although the more common ones are:

1. Diabetic neuropathy that often affects the feet.

2. Shingles. This condition is the after effect of a herpes zoster infection and often affects one side of the body, usually the back and chest.

3. Sciatica pain that oftentimes originates in the lower back and travels down the leg.

4. Tic Douloureax or trigeminal neuralgia, a nerve pain that tends to affect the face

Nerve pain can also be caused by amputation, alcoholism, chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis, HIV, and AIDS.

All these aforementioned neuropathies can be potentially debilitating especially when they are severe. Analgesics or painkillers are usually woefully inadequate in providing relief from the ailment. The good news is the acupuncture has proven to work very well for nerve pain especially when it is augmented with electrical stimulation. With acupuncture, the pain can be significantly alleviated and the nerves can be restored to their normal function. Here are some of the things acupuncture in Bellmore can do to treat nerve pain:

1. Acupuncture activates nerve receptors that gate out or reduce pain signals.

2. Acupuncture induces the brain to release opioids, neurotransmitters, and other natural painkilling chemicals into the bloodstream to regulate the nervous system and lessen the body’s sensitivity to pain.

3. Acupuncture raises endorphin levels in the body and courses them towards the ailing parts of the body. These natural chemicals resolve inflammation that can be the result or cause of nerve pain.

4. Acupuncture facilitates healing by modifying the electrical system of the body to enable the movement of electrical energy and materials between injured tissue and normal tissue thus accelerating the process of recovery.

5. Acupuncture coupled with electrical stimulation blocks the pain signal giving the nerve the chance to calm down leading to the relief of pain.

There is no pain involved when electrical stimulation is included in acupuncture treatment; on the contrary, patients oftentimes state it feels very relaxing. To get long-term results, the patient may need to undergo several treatments although it is not uncommon to see patients feeling better after the first treatment. With regards to degenerative disease, total cure may not be achievable but the patient can expect to have an improved quality of life as the treatment slows down the degeneration of the nerves, enhances nerve function, and reduces pain. Acupuncture nerve pain treatment usually lasts around 30 minutes to finish.

So, if you or someone you know complains of nerve pain, consider talking to a licensed and qualified practitioner to see if acupuncture is the best approach to your problem