Acupuncture Can Help You Get Over Bronchitis

Bronchitis usually arises in the throat, nose, and sinuses eventually affecting the lungs that then cause a more serious problem such as pneumonia. A short-term or acute bout of bronchitis usually disappears within a week or two but the cough usually lasts longer.

Long term or chronic bronchitis is determined when one coughs for most days for at least three months in a row and is usually accompanied by abundance of mucus. Western medicine’s answer to the symptoms is a prescription of inhalers, steroids, cough suppressants, and antibiotics. Naturopathic medicine and acupuncture treat bronchitis from the inside out searching for the underlying cause and when found, can be re-adjusted to serve as a therapeutic regimen.

Acupuncture and Bronchitis

Besides pneumonia, bronchitis can turn into other, more serious complications like chronic bronchial asthma. On the long term struggles, acupuncture can prove to be an extremely beneficial option for seasonal conditions. A Chinese study that’s featured in the June 1990 edition of the J Tradit Chin Med involved the participation of 192 subjects who were all suffering from bronchial asthma. Acupuncture treatment led to a 98.8% rate of improvement of bronchitis symptoms with the rate of remission at a very impressive 76.5%.

Herbal Treatments for Bronchitis

Along with acupuncture in Edina for the treatment of bronchitis, Chinese medicine practitioners also make use traditional Chinese herbal remedies. Besides those two modalities, medical acupuncturists may also avail of conventional drug prescriptions and observe how they interact with the herbal choices. Each patient will be treated in a very safe way. The plant botanicals and herbs used may include: dandelion, pleurisy root, stinging nettle, and marshmallow root.

Medicinal Eating – Nutrition Therapy

Some foods can exacerbate or soothe bronchial symptoms. Some acupuncturists will offer a customized nutrition program to complement a full spectrum treatment protocol.

Certain foods that are known for their degenerative and restorative properties include:

Processed Foods: Packaged canned goods, sugar, and white flour can all overwork the system due to their harmful properties when the body attempts to break them down. Staying away from these foods and consuming whole and fresh foods can help boost the immune system to optimal levels.

Dairy: When your body suffers from bronchitis, avoid taking in dairy products as they tend to trigger excess mucus production. Avoiding those types of foods will help keep the gastrointestinal and respiratory lining clear of any mucus.

Vegetables and Fruits: Eating a diet that’s low on the food chain will reduce digestive fatigue on the system. Eating very important nutrients such as zinc and vitamins C and A will allow one to overcome bronchitis and reduce inflammation.

Honey and Grapes: These fruits can serve as a natural expectorant. When grapes are mixed with honey, it can relieve a persistent cough related to bronchitis.