Acupuncture Can Help Resolve Gastritis Symptoms

The inflammation of the gastric mucosa results in a condition known as gastritis. More specifically, the condition comes about when the stomach has too much gastric acid content in it which damages the protective layer of the stomach. The damage to the mucosal cells causes the inflammation resulting in the inflammatory reaction.

Gastritis may also be caused by mental stress. The condition usually heals without any permanent damage to the stomach, although on rare occasions, it can result in stomach ulcers or complicate into gastrointestinal perforation or bleeding. Stomach ulcers can be a potentially huge problem as it can degrade and result in stomach cancer.

Gastritis has basically two forms:  acute gastritis and chronic gastritis.

Acute gastritis is a stomach mucosal inflammation condition that develops all of a sudden. Symptoms of this include extreme pain in the stomach area, vomiting, and nausea.

Chronic gastritis develops over an extended amount of time leading to signs and symptoms that include belching or bloating after preparing food, gas, and non-specified stomach pain.

For chronic gastritis, a Helicobacter pylori bacterial infection is the most common culprit although the condition may be triggered by too much nicotine, medications, and alcohol use.

Diagnosing Gastritis

One of the most important tools to diagnose gastritis is by a gastroscopic examination. This examination entails the taking of tissue samples to make sure that an ulcer gastric cancer can be ruled out.

Treating gastritis

Gastritis pain can be immediately reduced by avoiding spicy and heavy foods as well as coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol.

Western modes of treat usually involve medications including antacids (acid blockers) and drugs that lower acid production in the stomach (proton pump inhibitors).

Naturopathy Helps Treat Gastritis:

Healing Clay – relieves inflammation and helps detoxify the body
Fennel – has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties
Zinc – speeds up the healing process
Basenkur – restores acid-base balance in the stomach

Spices and Teas for gastritis:

Ginger – possesses anti-inflammatory effects
Turmeric – contains berberine which acts like an antibiotic
Chamomile tea – has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antispasmodic properties

Homeopathy for gastritis:

Phosphorus –nausea reliever
Nux Vomica – treats weakness and the burning emptiness in the stomach
Pulsatilla – clears heat, resolves constipation
Silver nitrate – treats diarrhea, bad taste in the mouth, and nausea after eating cold food
Ignatia – relieves cramping and nervous bloating
Colloidal Silver – kills the Helicobacter pylori bacteria and other pathogens

TCM helps with gastritis:

Stomach pain, according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is usually connected to stagnation of qi although fire can also be another reason for the stagnation. Acupuncture can help to unclog the liver qi obstruction. Chinese herbal formulas that possess anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities can also be considered in the treatment.