Acupuncture for Vaginal Itching

A lot of the factors that cause vaginal itching are often associated with weak immune system function combined with dietary and hormonal imbalances. Some of the causes for vaginal and vulvar itching include factors such as immuno-suppressants such as corticosteroids, and cytotoxic drugs; diabetes; pregnancy; stress and antibiotics. Prolonged cases of vaginal itching can be caused by Trichomoniasis or yeast infection (Candida). These are the most commonly diagnosed underlying causes. Some of these cases are not infectious; women may also experience vaginal dryness caused by menopause that can cause vaginal itching as well. Cold environment, exposure to damp and birth control pills can also result in itching. This kind of itching can become painful or exacerbated if the underlying problem remains untreated.

Acupuncture points treated are for the support of the liver and spleen, to stop itching and to nourish the blood. The Liver meridians (energy pathways) surround the external genitalia. The acupuncture point Liver 5, a point situated on the inner side of the leg, is needled to treat genitalia swelling, pain, and all cases of itching. It acts instantly and gives lasting relief as well as alleviates symptoms.

Besides the use of acupuncture points to provide significant relief and remove the symptoms, it is essential that the patient be treated with an herbal formula ingested in tablet form to improve internal health. Chinese herbal formulas are available that will help lessen itch and treat infection as well as clear up discharge and heal the abundant “dampness going downward.”

The Healing Leuccorhea Pill which in Chinese letters (pinyin) is known as “Yu Dai Wan” is a formula consisting of 7 herbs that have been proven to work quite potently for profuse discharge that clears up for a little while then returns. Leuccorhea literally means vaginal discharge in medical lingo.

Women who suffer from persistent vaginal discharge and itching need to utilize a vaginal wash and suppository. They should address infection from all sides to permanently cure their condition. There are herbal remedies that can be included along with the suppositories that optimally treat the discharge and itching. Some of these herbs need to be boiled for an hour and strained prior to them being used as some sort of vaginal wash (douche). These are strong herbs that can kill fungi and parasites and are classified as anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial agents.

Likewise necessary is the removal of contributors to lowered immune system function and yeast and less consumption or avoidance of simple carbs like pasta, sugar and alcohol. Once you avoid or at least lower the intake of these foods you can see how much improved in health you’ll feel. It will boost your body’s ability to keep a healthy and balanced acid/alkaline constitution which translates to less itching. Enhancing your immune system and using probiotics is also very good for your condition.

One type of tea that helps balance your internal body is the Kombucha tea mixed with probiotics. These are not inexpensive products but the price is worth it in terms of your well-being.

Women with immune system and hormonal imbalances need to also up their consumption of whole grains (pasta made with seeds, nuts, spinach and alternative grains like quinoa and rice, whole grain pasta, brown rice and quinoa). Minimize eating butter and use less oil also. Chinese herbs and acupuncture combined can cure vaginal discharge and itching quite effectively.

Emily Farish is a licensed acupuncturist in Spokane, WA and the founder of Emily Farish Acupuncture.