Acupuncture is Far Better Than NSAIDs When It Comes To the Treatment of Sciatica

A very important component of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), acupuncture is a very old form of healing art that originated in China more than 4,000 years ago. It is designed to balance the vital energies in the body so that a natural process of healing may take place and also to promote physical and emotional well-being in order to maintain, attain or restore the person to good health. Acupuncture has gained hundreds of millions of adherents all over the world. When it comes to the treatment of sciatica, this treatment provides a powerful and safe healing effect that effectively relieves the painful symptoms of sciatica.

Sciatica Pain Relief – Acupuncture helps resolve sciatica symptoms by:

-Promoting the regeneration of the sciatic nerve
-Increasing the levels of noradrenalin and serotonin in the body that helps reduce pain, facilitates the repair of damaged nerves, and enhances the patient’s sense of well-being
-Boosting the flow of blood that in turn bolsters joint mobility and relaxes tense muscles that causes pain and spasms
-Activating the nerves in affected muscles and other body tissues that aids in the relief of pain through the secretion of painkilling endorphins in the body
-Alleviating inflammation often accompanying sciatica resulting in pain

Since TCM believes that every part of our body is connected to each other, sciatica acupuncture treatment in Miami ought to be customized for each patient. Prior to the treatment procedure, the acupuncturist will take a complete medical history of the patient and will discuss the symptoms that the patient suffers from. The aims of the treatment are to resolve the underlying cause of the problem that is causing the symptoms as well as provide symptomatic relief.

Through several studies, acupuncture has been shown to be quite effective in stopping sciatica symptoms. But if you want the best possible results, it is important to get treatment as soon as the pain starts to manifest or right after the occurrence of the injury that caused the sciatica. Most people get disappointed with the available conventional treatments due to their ineffectiveness. This has led to a rise in demand in alternative natural therapies such as acupuncture.

Comparing Acupuncture Sciatica Treatment with Drug Therapy for the Treatment of Sciatica

NSAIDs are the medications most commonly prescribed for sciatica. These anti-inflammatory products are notorious for their negative side effects of which liver damage and gastric irritation are the most prominent. Almost all prescription and over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory drugs merely provide short-term relief by inhibiting the body’s manufacturing of prostaglandins, which are pain hormones.

Prostaglandins act as vasodilators that helps improve blood flow and so while these medicines have the ability to relieve pain for a moment, they also inhibit the flow of blood into the affected regions of the body which essentially lengthens the patient’s recovery to good health.

Blood flow is boosted to the affected tissues with acupuncture helping the tissues heal and muscles to relax enabling the pain to dissipate. Increased blood flow to the injured areas assists in the nourishment of the tissues and the washing out of pain-causing substances such as lactic acid that also helps in the treatment of muscle fatigue.

In order for your sciatica condition to be completely or at least significantly treated, you may need to undergo several sessions of acupuncture treatment. Practicing relaxation and breathing techniques such as meditation and yoga can help alleviate tension, pain, and stress. The hip and back muscles often become tense and tight and may even spasm in sciatica. Both acupuncture and mediation or yoga can help release the tension in order for the body to recover naturally.

The muscles are conditioned to stay in a relaxed state with acupuncture. This is important for the relief of sciatica pain. And while the pain is lessened it may be vital to stretch your muscles so they may be able to support your spine in a balanced manner. Tai Chi and yoga are excellent activities that can help strengthen mind and body to keep you in good physical and emotional health.

Getting treatment from a licensed and experienced acupuncturist for the treatment of sciatica is very important in order to gain the best possible results.