Benefits Of Integrating Body Work In The Detoxification Of Your Body

We are usually compelled to perform some house cleaning when springtime arrives. As the season changes from cold to warm, we alter the interior décor, from sparse to bountiful. Spring is also the time to cleanse your body and help prepare it for the coming months when it needs to be more active.

If you know something about Chinese medicine, you know that the season most closely affiliated to the liver is spring. If you know something about human anatomy and physiology, you’d know that the liver’s function is to filter out toxins from the blood. We can easily understand why the liver is so important in the detoxifying process of the body.

When formulating a plan to detoxify the body, you may decide whether to fast, modify your diet to include lighter foods, or take herbal supplementation. But are you aware that some forms of bodywork may actually boost the elimination of toxins when it’s integrated in a detoxification plan of treatment?

Swedish massage traditionally helps boost the flow of blood that consequently nourishes not only the cells, but also eliminates toxins and sends them to the liver where they can be processed and removed. More gentle techniques can also help eliminate toxins that have accumulated in the lymphatic system; Eastern bodywork therapies can help stimulate the energy channels which also helps in the purification of blood.

All forms of bodywork carries with it some form of caution and this is even truer under a detoxification program. Some negative side effects may occur if the cleansing process is done too fast as it may release a large amount of toxins into the blood. During the process, the best thing you can do is to not introduce any toxic substances such as refined or processed foods or alcohol into your body and make sure you drink plenty of water.

Know more about the benefits of integrating bodywork when deciding to cleanse your system.

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