Halt The Recurrence of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome With Acupuncture Treatment

Research shows that about a fifth of adults suffer from a condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). A health and medical disorder such as this can considerably affect a person’s daily life making him/her unable to function well. CFS more often than not adversely affects a person’s work and personal life. Because of this, it is essential to treat and resolve chronic fatigue in the quickest way possible. CFS is better known as Crohn’s Disease. It is shown that when an individual has been suffering from CFS for at least six months straight, that person will experience fatigue or tiredness all the time.

Both adults and young people can develop CFS. This condition leads to frequent recurrence of various forms of symptoms. Currently, there are no actual or direct treatments for CFS. Prescription pills and drugs are usually recommended by doctors to temporarily relieve the symptoms; In the long run, however, these medications do more harm than good to the patient. Therefore, relief is fleeting which means continuous intake of the drugs which can lead to serious side effects over time. The good news is that CFS patients can turn to safe and effective alternative treatments such as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in the form of acupuncture treatment in Bellmore for a much better way of relieving the symptoms.

It is important to identify the various symptoms and signs of chronic fatigue first before we understand acupuncture’s ability to treat the disease. These symptoms and signs may include mood swings, inability to remember, concentrate or focus, poor memory, insomnia, headaches, joint and muscle pain without swelling, swollen lymph nodes in the armpit region and in the neck, sore throat, low grade chills and fever, severe and sudden exhaustion caused by flu and fever.

Each person suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome may have different reasons for the development of the disease. However, doctors say that the most common reason for CFS is a weak immune system. When a person’s immune system is not functioning well, its response to a virus can set off chronic fatigue syndrome. This is the reason why a person with CFS tends to have flu-like illnesses that do not easily go away. Besides that, the patient may likewise have a weak appetite which can lead to bad eating habits, which in turn make his/her body fragile and weak. A person suffering from depression is at high risk for developing CFS.

If you have CFS and are searching for a more effective and safer form of treatment, you need to consider getting acupuncture treatment. This 4,000 year-old Chinese medical therapy can provide you with quite a number of benefits. It can improve your overall health, help you relax, boost your immune system, make you sleep better, and relieve you of any physical and emotional pain among others. Clinical studies have demonstrated that acupuncture can significantly improve the symptoms and signs associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. This treatment can even be integrated into your present conventional treatment as well your daily lifestyle to halt the recurring symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.