Is Acupuncture a Good Option for Candidiasis?

The treatment approach for Candidiasis can be multi layered and one of the treatments you may want to consider is acupuncture. A lot of Candidiasis sufferers have tried various kinds of across the counter drugs but still have not been able to control their symptoms and still continue to experience relapses. People seeking other forms of healing like TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, may find the testimonies of former Candidiasis patients who have successfully been treated with acupuncture very enlightening and helpful. Your immune system can be strengthened with acupuncture. This treatment can help your body in so many ways.

Your immunity may be out of balance when you are suffering from a lack of beneficial flora and an abundance of negative flora in your digestive system. For those having issues with their immune system, the pH of their body may be affected and this causes the yeast (Candida) to overdevelop, which weakens the immune system much further.

How to Treat Candida infections?

Even in a healthy body, there is a presence of Candida albicans in the intestines. The problem occurs when they grow out of control. This may cause several health issues. Candidiasis can develop out of several possible causes including an imbalance in the flora in the digestive system due to poor eating habits or antibiotics.

A person may also be susceptible to Candidiasis because of immunity deficiencies that can arise from several causes. The strength of your immune system is directly related to how well you can control the growth of Candida in your body. One of the best ways to balance and strengthen your immune strengthen is with acupuncture.

Your Immune System and Acupuncture

Your immune system can be substantially enhanced with acupuncture. A strong well-functioning immune system can kill bad elements such as Candida and help ward off infections. If you are battling Candidiasis with herbs, a special diet, or drugs, you can further increase your body’s response to treatment by boosting your immunity with acupuncture.

Candida thrives in the environment and when it enters the body, its preferred place of residence is in the digestive system, specifically in the gut and intestines. A person’s digestive system is the part of the body where 75% of his immune system resides. Acupuncture gives the person the capability to improve his immune functions which can lead to the successful cure of his Candida symptoms as well help his body attain a healthy pH balance.

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