Is There a Conspiracy to Suppress Alternative Treatments?

The UK-based University of York Department of Health Studies recently did a study showing acupuncture’s effectiveness in treating irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, for short.

The study, as usual, manifested the pandering that demotes anything “alternative as supportive to conventional medicine.” However, this study has some findings that are quite interesting.
A total of 233 chronic IBS patients participated in this trial. The patients had been suffering from IBS an average of 13 years. Their SSS (symptom severity scores) ranged 100 and above. The patients were divided equally into two treatment protocols. One group received conventional care while the other group was administered with acupuncture treatment once a week for 10 weeks.

The group treated with acupuncture manifested a significant lowering in their SSS scores, but more importantly, these outcomes endured even through the follow-up testing at three, six, nine, and twelve months after the end of the study.

It is obvious that conventional treatments for IBS are woefully inadequate when these patients had been suffering from IBS for an average of 13 years in a land that provides healthcare to all its citizens. The question is why is acupuncture considered an adjunctive therapy to conventional care when studies such as the one above show that it actually treats IBS and not conventional treatments?

Patients with IBS usually have to turn to watching their diets to evade the triggering of their symptoms because Western medicine has little to offer.

Managing stress and watching your diet if you have IBS may be also the recommendation of Chinese medicine practitioners although this is complemented by Chinese herbs and acupuncture to harmonize and balance spleen and liver chi.

A Brief Explanation of Acupuncture

For people living in the West, it’s hard to understand TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). This is especially true for Western physicians who have a difficult time grasping the fundamentals of this 5,000-year-old healing tradition. TCM is based on paradigms that are entirely different from Western medical concepts.

The diagnoses made by TCM practitioners are based on chi functions and/or organ energy, not physical or biochemical. Acupuncture works on the basis of stimulating chi energies to remove the blockage to energy flow and channel this flow along energy channels known as meridians.

In lieu of invasive biopsies, x-rays, and blood tests practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine are able to ascertain excess, blocked, or low chi and how it connects to one’s health by determining the quality of the tongue and the pulse of the patient.

Moreover, these professional notice signs often overlooked while considering your symptoms.

It’s amazing that from these procedures they can read your symptoms very well. These practitioners can even assess your health trend and consequences before western medicine’s technology can. This means that they can determine a health problem before it turns into a full-blown physical manifestation just by diagnosing at the subtle chi energy levels.

Based on the physical examination of the symptoms and the observation of the tongue and evaluation of the quality of the pulse of the patient a treatment using Chinese herbs and acupuncture is prescribed. TCM practitioners complain that unlike medications, the herbs used in TCM treatment may require a number of weeks of herbal treatments before results are seen; however, these results are very significant and on many occasions even lead to a cure.

The toxic monopoly of the Medical Mafia (Big Pharma, FDA, AMA) ensures the maintaining of the idea of masking the illness instead of curing it. The insurance industry plays their part in this scam by refusing to grant coverage to “alternative” health practices that are substantially cheaper than the Western treatment modalities.

Sadly, it seems that the quick fixes that modern Chinese medicine practices mean that it is probably in collusion with the Medical Mafia to perpetuate this monopoly.

Patients may think they’re cured or feel some symptomatic relief while staying on a treadmill of sick care from reactions caused by toxic injections used for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and from the side effects of x-ray and CT scan radiation antibiotics, toxic pharmaceuticals.

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