La-Jin, An Ancient Chinese Home Exercise

An unknown ancient Chinese exercise called La-Jin, helps adjust the body’s energy channels called meridians and bones. It involves stretching ligaments and muscles of the body. This age-old Oriental technique is simple and easy to learn and can be done at home and practically anywhere.

What can La-Jin Do?

La-Jin repairs tendons and ligaments thus helping clean the urinary systems, treat numbness, and heal swelling and pain in the feet and hands. It does all this while decreasing pain and stiffness in the lumbar and neck region; moreover, La-Jin can treat cardiovascular problems.

The best thing about this exercise is that you don’t have to drive and waste gas, time and money to seek out an instructor. You can learn La-Jin yourself and practice it within the safe and pleasant confines of your home while watching TV.

La-Jin is made up of two basic exercises which include:

The Lie down position: On a La-Jin bench, raise one leg to 90° and tightly lean against the pole. Hold that position for about ten to twenty minutes, then lower your leg; repeat the exercise with your other leg.

Standing position: Touching both sides of a door frame, raise your hands and stretch as hard as you can. Also, with your left leg slightly bended, keep it stretched forward with the right leg as straight as possible. Hold this position for three minutes then repeat the exercise for another three minutes, this time with your right leg.

If performed on a La-Jin bench, these exercises can be extremely healthy and can help you live a pain-free life without drugs. La-Jin exercises that involve concentration and stretching routines also enhance muscle tone and help improve blood flow throughout your body.

La-Jin practically enables you to lose weight by melting away fats and keeping your joints in motion.

Some Helpful Tips for Newbies

For beginners, it’s important to remember that one might be unable to do the 90° leg exercise at first. It will take a bit of time to achieve this but whatever it is, begin, regardless if you’re able to only do 60° or less. It only requires constant practice. In no time at all, 90° is a cinch.

At the start, some people will obviously feel certain degrees of pains; therefore, we suggest that you begin the exercise gradually. Stretch as hard as you can but in a comfortable way and at your own leisurely pace. When you need to rest your leg on the plank, by all means do so.

Just follow through and use your own judgment.

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