Osteoarthritis Definition

OA or osteoarthritis is also referred to by doctors as degenerative joint disease or degenerative arthritis. OA is a type of arthritis that is the result of the inflammation, degeneration and wearing out of the joint cartilage over time.

In the United States, around 28 million people are affected by this joint disorder according to the Arthritis Foundation, USA.

Since the symptoms and signs of osteoarthritis slowly worsen over time, osteoarthritis is considered a progressive disease. Osteoarthritis has been affecting humanity for centuries but so far, no cure is still available for this condition. Treating the signs and symptoms are the only ways to address osteoarthritis and this entails relieving the inflammation, swelling and pain and enabling the sufferer to be active and mobile. It has been observed that people who perform measures to proactive control their osteoarthritis are in a much better position to better manage their symptoms than those who follow a more passive path when addressing their symptoms.

All joints in the body can be affected by osteoarthritis; however, it most likely hits these parts of the person’s body:

  • Neck
  • Lower back
  • Knees
  • Hips

There are three attributes that osteoarthritis possesses:

Synovitis – Evidence of inflammation of the tissues surrounding the joints

Cartilage damage – The cartilage is a joint component that serves as a shock absorber for the bones and cushions the ends of the bones. It also enables the joints to move smoothly and painlessly

The ends of the joints develops bony growths

People of all ages can develop osteoarthritis although people 50 years of age and above are the most likely one to acquire this disease.

Osteoarthritis symptoms usually start to manifest after a person passes 40 years old. As mentioned this is a progressive disease and as the person ages his symptoms become more severe. Osteoarthritis has a considerable impact to the US economy since it is one of the major reasons of loss for man hours and medical expenditures (about almost $130 billion in medical expenses). On average osteoarthritis will cost the sufferer about $5,700 in medical and other related expenses.

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