Parents Should Consider Chinese Herbs as Alternative Treatment for their ADHD Child

There are several alternative modes of treatment for ADHD. One of the more effective ones include
Chinese herbal medicine, whose origins go as far back as 4,000 years in ancient China. Interestingly, numerous studies have come to the conclusion that a lot of Chinese herbs used to treat ADHD are extremely effective in treating or even curing this behavioral condition.

Some of the Chinese herbs found to be of benefit to ADHD children and adults include:

1 . Poria – Some of the benefits of Poria include the soothing of the nerves and the improvement of digestive function. A lot of ADHD children suffer from poor digestion, and supplementing their diet with poria can better the health of their intestines and help eliminate toxins from the body.

2 . Ginkgo biloba – This herb has the ability to improve the brain’s cognitive function. Ginkgo boosts the amount of amine neurotransmitter substances in the brain that aids in counteracting some of the chemical deficiencies usually observed among ADHD kids. Ginkgo helps promote a peaceful spirit and calms the mind, as well.

3. Red jujube – This herb has a lot of beneficial properties. It can create a peaceful effect in the body and help calm the mind and nerves.

4. Skullcap root – This herb protects the nervous system. Usually, among ADHD children, the chemicals in the brain that help control the nervous system is off. Skullcap root is one of the best ways of retaining the normal balance of chemicals in the brain. This herb is quite effective in calming the nerves and preventing hyperactivity.

5. Oriental ginseng – Because of its concentration-boosting effects, memory-boosting supplements contain often this valuable herb. Ginseng also alleviates stress and increases endurance. It also has the ability to boost oxygen flow to the brain, encouraging normal brain development. Because children with ADHD may suffer from a three year developmental delay, ginseng can be used to address this developmental problem.

6. Thorowax root – Possessing sedative, anti-inflammatory, and cell-stimulating qualities, Thorowax root is used for ADHD and because its sedative effects can help prevent hyperactivity and control impulsive behavior.

Scientific studies o herb al treatment for ADHD

Without scientific backing the beneficial effects of Chinese herbs for ADHD may not be considered by a lot of people. Fortunately, there have been a number of studies that have proven Chinese herbs potency in treating for ADHD sufferers.

The first study done at the Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou College of TCM in 1990 observed 100 children with ADHD. Chinese herbs were given to 80 of these patients. At the end of three months, 10 children achieved higher IQ scores, 46 children showed significant improvement and 23 children have been completely cured of their condition.

The second study conducted at the Shaanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1994 involved 66 ADHD children. They were treated with herbs to help manage their symptoms. Improvement was observed in 85% of the children treated with Chinese herbs.

The last study performed at the Affiliated Hospital of Shandong College of TCM in 1995 observed a group of children suffering from ADHD. Liquid herbs were administered to the children. The effectiveness rate of the liquid herb was around 94%.


If you would like to try safe alternative treatments to Ritalin and other ADHD drugs, I strongly recommend Chinese herbs. It carries no side effects and works much better than these drugs in treating ADHD.

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