Practicing Qigong Regularly Helps Increase Wellbeing And Health

Qigong is a term that was derived from the Chinese word Qi or Chi meaning life energy and Gong meaning every day effort.

A wonderful way to maintain internal harmony and to heal oneself, Qigong has been used by the Chinese for mental and exercises for about five millennia and is growing in popularity among people living in the West. A growing number of people are now actually using it to effectively control hypertension and pain among other diseases.

The ancient tradition of Qigong aims at harmonizing breathing with guided visualization and each body movement. It is designed to synchronize the spirit, mind, and body thus, preserving well being and health.

In addition, Qigong enhances blood flow to vital organs like endocrine glands, intestines, and the brain. This boost in circulation causes more secretion of hormones which improves stamina and sexual drive. Qigong also assists in digestion resulting in easy bowel movements and more efficient detoxification.

Researchers have demonstrated via brain scan that when people practice Qigong, it brings joy and happiness as seen by higher brain activities in the left prefrontal lobes. They concluded that increased function in this area of the brain leads to less anger, less distress, and a happier person compared to other people.

In general, Qigong is the act of using Chi or Qi for various purposes such as acquiring happiness and healing. Qigong is easy to learn because each person is born with Chi and everyone has the means to utilize it so long as a person practices cultivating his or her Chi on a daily basis.

Steven Goldfarb, L.Ac. is a board certified and licensed acupuncturist and the founder of Goldfarb Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center in West Orange, NJ.