Qi Gong Increases Oxygen Intake That Can Help Heal Prostate Naturally

Few people know this but qi gong is one of the most potent forms of cancer management and cancer-prevention cancer management exercises there is. It is a mild type of restorative exercise from China similar to Tai Chi and having originated in China.

While boosting the levels of oxygen to detoxify the body, the movements performed in Qi gong also specifically influence the internal organ systems of the body in a concentrated manner.

Certain qi gong movements focus on the immune system by working the large and lung intestine energy channels which are believed to be associated in the Chinese medicinal system to enhance immunity when faced with challenges such as cancer and increase that body’s capacity to recover more quickly post surgery.

Qi gong movements such as the movement of the Taoist Five Kidney focus on the reproductive organs to boost fertility and to protect against reproductive disorders including ovarian/cervical cancers, fibroids and ovarian cysts, prostate cancers, enlarged prostate.

Some qi gong movements target the abdomen and spleen and can be combined with self massage qi gong to relieve nausea (usually felt by people who are going through radiation therapy or chemotherapy).

A gentle and balanced qi gong exercise will work on the internal organs to build strength beyond muscular or cardiovascular levels and to revitalize health.

When seeking a teacher of qi gong to address reproductive organ pathologies such as prostate cancer, you can inquire whether the practitioner has a long history dealing with the clinical applications of qi gong. Such instructors are trained to tailor movements to address specifically the different forms of cancer.

To gain health benefits, thirty minutes a day of qigong exercises is recommended although even shorter exercise periods can improve health. We recommend one to three minutes of qi gong exercises gently interspersed throughout your day to get an aggregate of 30 to 45 minutes of qi gong exercises each day. In this manner, you need not have to set aside time to perform qi gong but can naturally incorporate it into your life and utilize it as a powerful healing modality.

Building Immunity Energy through Qi Gong Self Massage

This is a series of qi gong self massage to naturally treat depression.

1. Lung Pathway: When this energy channel is massaged it will help to expedite the release of disappointment, grief, or sadness. It can also stimulate the large intestine’s metal organ to help strengthen immunity.

To begin, tap the left side of the chest vigorously and continue tapping downward into the inner side of the elbow of the left arm, the inside of the thumb, wrist, and lower arm.

Do the same on the right side of your chest and downward on the inner side of your right thumb and right arm.

2. Large Intestine Channel: When this energy channel is massaged, it can help quicken the release of disappointment, grief, and sadness. It can also activate the large intestine’s metal organ to help strengthen immunity.

To start the massage, use the right hand to slap and tap energetically the top side of your left index finger from the nail bed along the finger tow the wrist and hand.

Keep on slapping and tapping along the top of your wrist to your elbow’s top side. Keep on along the top of your upper arm to the shoulder and sides of your neck. Massage with small circular motions the area near your right nostril.

Repeat the same procedure on your right arm with slaps and taps to the top of your right index finger, along the wrist to the hand then upwards to the elbow and along the top of your upper arm towards the neck. Massage with small circular motions the region near your left nostril.

Please keep in mind that with any type of exercise, you need to talk first with your medical doctor before embarking on new exercise workouts. This article is not meant intended to treat or diagnose any medical problem or intended as a replacement for Western conventional medical care.

Amy-SuiQun Lui, L.Ac. is a Board Certified and Licensed Acupuncturist in Cleveland, OH.