Qigong For A Stable Mind and Body And Healthy Emotions

Our emotional health is one of the key factors of a successful life. If you haven’t noticed yet, your everyday interactions with people help you preserve the emotional state that you long for. A majority of people are casualties of uncontrolled emotion, and sometimes, in social situations, they are likely to embarrass themselves.

Our unstable emotions usually get the best of us and our actions can damage our personalities. For the purpose of emotional stability, several methods have been created. Some individuals have difficulty controlling their emotions and so they resort to psychological techniques to help them deal with their problem. Seeing a psychologist is usually the thing most people do when they need to cope with a huge emotional problem; unfortunately, the professional fee of a psychologist is quite expensive and many are unable to afford their services.

The ancient Chinese people have a long time ago used a technique called Qigong, a form of self relaxation and meditation that is founded on the philosophy of Yin and Yang, two naturally occurring forces in the universe. This philosophy deals with the relationship between man’s existence and nature and with the five elements of the earth. Tai chi is a method that fosters serenity to the practitioner. The principles of qigong and tai chi are very similar to each other, which is why the ancient Chinese usually refer to Tai chi as Qigong in motion. The greatest thing about these two ancient arts is that it anyone can practice it.

Knowing Qigong

The way vital energy or chi circulates in our body is important to the practice of Qigong. Today, the Chinese people still believe that chi affects almost every aspect of life including our emotions. Chinese sages cite chi as an important force that has the ability to affect everything that has life. When a person practices Qigong, he or she must follow certain steps to garner positive outcomes. The circulation of chi is impaired If a person doesn’t practice proper posture and this causes more emotional imbalances within that individual. The main objective of qigong is to make the body strong enough that it is able to defend itself against diseases.

Before the advent of Western medical science, Chinese medicine was already being practiced. As centuries went by, Western medicine achieved astonishing medical breakthroughs but still Chinese medicine was able to hold its ground. Chinese medicine simply teaches you to exploit the beneficial energy existing in nature, and to control some of that negative energy in order to balance your mind and body to achieve optimal health.

What makes Qigong work so well?

In practicing Tai Chi Qigong, the process you need to go through is a long one but no one can deny the fact that these two healing arts are extremely beneficial for the person as a whole. The biggest reason why our emotions are spinning out of control is stress. We tend to stress ourselves by working to earn money to support our families. We thought that if only we can balance our physical and mental health we would be fine; however, in order to achieve real health, we need to stabilize our emotional health as well.

Dominic Sembello is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist and the clinical director of Health Source Acupuncture in Linwood, NJ.