Qigong Practice Group Can Generate Powerful Health Benefits That Can Positively Affect Others

Pronounced chee-gong, the ancient Chinese health technique of Qigong was developed from tai-chi. The teachings and forms of this practice were a closely guarded secret until recent times and were only transmitted to one’s own family members. So how does qigong work and what is it all about?

First, we need to talk about where qigong came from: tai-chi. A seemingly slow form of dance, tai-chi is a practice that can endow great fighting ability and power to practitioners who have practiced it for several years. Its side effect includes vitality and strong energy. The ancients gradually developed qigong when they saw its awesome benefits in order to deal with health problems. When you practice qigong, the energy channels in your body open and life giving chi is distributed throughout the body. In addition, as a person channels his chi, he learns to manipulate the chi from the earth and the universe.

Just recently, the greatest adepts were the only ones who can learn and utilize chi for healing. Today, with the dawn of modern technology and science, machines have been invented that can quantify and monitor chi as it moves through the body. A person can gradually build up his own chi by himself through years of practice. He can tap into the chi energy of the earth and in the chi energy of the air and plants to replenish his energy. There are also are different qigong practice groups made up of large numbers of people all generating their chi freely and people who are ill can be healed immediately by merely being very near such groups.

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