Research Shows Massage Therapy Provides Tremendous Benefits To Both Kids And Mothers

Young mothers are advised by their doctors to massage their babies’ legs as much as possible to improve circulation and to help them sleep well. Massage is a form of touch therapy that reinforces the bond between child and mother. A full body massage for pre-schoolers can help these kids contend with stressors such as schoolwork. In addition to its soothing effects, massage therapy also improves breathing and effectively calms down hyperactive kids. Masters of bodywork therapy teach massage courses to caregivers and mothers alike in order for them to learn how to properly feel the tense part of the body and administer the right amount of pressure to the affected nerve points and/or muscles.

Massage therapy for Children

In order to strengthen the digestive system of children and boost their immunity from common sicknesses, Traditional Chinese medicine introduces the Grasping Belly Corner or Na Du Jiao massage technique. This technique just takes thirty minutes to perform on specific areas of the body like the back, legs, arms, or face depending on the type of health problem suffered. This specific method is a component of the classical Chinese tuina pediatric massage performed by Chinese parents to children sevens year old and above to strengthen their physical constitution.

Tuina massage designed for older kids is performed alongside acupuncture treatment to release those clogged pressure points that hinder the continuous flow of chi which is the body’s vital energy. This clogging or blockage usually brings about stomach pains and constipation as well as allergies and colds. Since the bodies’ of children are still in the developing stage, their bodily functions become feeble and they get easily sick. The Yin and Yang imbalance of the child can sometimes lead to asthma and may require a therapeutic massage every other day or at least once a day.

Massage Therapy can Relieve Stress in Children

Modern city living can be toxic and take a toll on the body, which ends up in respiratory and skin problems not to mention pains and aches in children. In addition, the onus of meeting expectations in school or at work naturally breaks down the body from time to time. A rise in the level of cortisol within the system halts cellular repair and growth, disrupts hormone production, and hinders cognitive function and metabolism. If adults can become chronically fatigued and ill from excessive stress, then what more a child who has to deal with his own every day personal issues and struggles.

Various studies were done on the benefits of frequent physical contact between children and parents. One study showed that mothers who spent almost 75 percent of their time playing with and caressing their babies developed deeper emotional bonds with their child. Societies that promote external expressions of physical affection in families had lower rates of violence when the child became an adult. Touch is actually a type of body massage that alleviates anxiety in kids.

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