Sciatica Coping and Support

Most people with sciatica think that lying in bed is a wise thing to do in dealing with their pain. The fact is activities are the most ideal ways to start healing sciatica. You can rest for a couple of days to three days but anything longer than that will only weaken your back muscles which may make the discomfort and pain worse.

If you are not mobile, your vertebral system weakens. When you are active, your spinal discs become healthy and become well lubricated as well by the gels in the discs.

A regular and mild way of exercising is encouraged. You can perform certain stretching exercises. Yoga can do wonders for your sciatica. This wonderful exercise and relaxation technique helps relax tense muscles and maximizes spaces in between your spinal vertebrae allowing more free space for the spinal nerves. Of course, depending on the type of sciatica you have, certain activities should not be done. To know what type of activity or exercise is good for you, you need to consult with your doctor.

You can avail of prescription medication for your sciatic pain. Codeine and ibuprofen are some of the more common prescribed drugs by doctors.

For severe pain, your doctor can inject you with a shot of cortisone given often only as a short-term solution. All medications in fact are mere short-term solutions and oftentimes changing your lifestyle may be all you need to make your sciatic pain go away permanently or at least on a long-term basis.

Crushed ice and heat therapy are also very good remedies for sciatic pain and are simple to do. After you have suffered an injury, you can immediately put an ice pack to the affected area to lessen the pain and the swelling. Use the crushed ice for about 15 to 20 minutes, no more, no less. Rest the area for about 30 minutes and then apply the ice again for the same amount of time. Never use heat therapy while applying ice therapy.

Heat therapy is typically used after two days after the injury. This type of therapy improves blood flow hastening the recovery process. Perform heat therapy for half an hour then take one hour off before resuming the therapy.