Stop Smoking For Good with Acupuncture

Quitting smoking is almost impossible for chronic smokers who have attempted to do so. Withdrawal symptoms can be very strong for a lot of individuals to cope with, and as the edginess and stress grow stronger, they almost always give in to their urges. Several therapies and products are available and can include yoga, patches, chewing gum, and hypnosis. They all claim to help ease and take the edge off the difficult process of smoking cessation. But one treatment that is so effective that even the WHO (World Health Organization) itself has recommended it but most people would not even consider is acupuncture.

Using nicotine patches are the first things many people choose on the path to becoming non-smokers. They work by putting back in the body the nicotine, which is the addictive substance in cigarettes, to help stop the smoking craving. Of course, this does not cure the problem since the addictive substance is still in your body and you will in seconds light a stick to satisfy the craving as soon as you stop wearing the patches.

Hypnosis is another in demand treatment for chronic smokers. This technique can be used to help enhance the smoker’s will power. It works by repeating over and over again that you don’t need and don’t want to smoke. When the patient is being hypnotized, he needs to be in a relaxed state which makes his subconscious more receptive to external suggestion. Practitioners of hypnotism believe that participating in sessions can help raise the likelihood of one quitting smoking by 100%. With will power alone, the chances may just be 6% – it may jump to 60% with hypnosis. Basically, the biggest issue with this type of treatment is that the smoker has to fully believe that hypnosis works which some people most probably can never do.

Acupuncture is a treatment that sticks thin long needles at specified points in the body. The needles boost blood flow, which means the flushing out of toxins from the body and the increase of oxygen into the body. The acupoints to remove smoking cravings have been used for ages to help cure myriad forms of diseases. Acupuncture is especially effective for smoking addiction because it addresses the underlying root of the problem which is why a lot of people smoke in the first place – Stress. Researchers believe that acupuncture has an 85% 50 90% rate of success which makes it one of the best ways to stop people from smoking for good. It helps release painkilling neurotransmitters in the body known as endorphins which helps the mind relax. Endorphins help makes one experience a high sense of wellbeing and can block out any negative sensation related to withdrawal symptoms.

Many are aware that no matter what treatment they use individuals who quit smoking will relapse at some point in time. This is where the strength of your will power matters. Your will power will determine whether you succeed or not although it can get a significant boost with acupuncture.

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