TCM Treatments for Patterns of Male Sexual Dysfunction

In traditional Chinese medicine theory, men are much more dependent on Kidney Essence and Energy for sexual performance than women are, but as they age, their Kidney Essence and Energy decline as well. However, this decline can be slowed down by adopting proper lifestyle choices, through qi gong exercises, and by taking tonic herbs that has Kidney Essence and Energy in them.

Hair loss in men is usually a telltale sign of aging. Tonic herbs, specifically, a solution known as Return to Spring formula seems to have a positive effect that allows hair to grow back in balding men. Some of these herbs can have an immediate effect while core herbal tonics used to resolve underlying problems may take a while before obvious results can be seen. Herbal remedies need to be used throughout an aging man’s life to help him stay fit and healthy, to stave off the onset of chronic illnesses, and to make sure that he is still able to enjoy a happy and healthy sexual life.

Based on the Teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), these are the Familiar Patterns Related to Male Sexual Problems

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Kidney Yang Deficiency

One obvious sign of Yang weakness in a man’s body is his incapacity to attain and maintain an erection. Indications of male sexual issues related to Yang Deficiency can include cold extremities and aversion to cold, loose teeth, hair loss, hearing loss, poor memory, weakness and soreness in the knees and lower back, and cold testes.

One very good herbal formula to replenish Kidney Yang is Ancestor Treasure formula taken along with Sustained Essence formula.

Trauma Resulting in Impotence

Chinese herbs may not adequately address ED when it’s caused by external forces such as pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, and trauma as when it’s caused by a decline in health due to aging. Nevertheless, these herbs can still be considered for specific purposes.

Recommended herbs for surgery and trauma are ones to help boost blood flow for the acceleration of healing and for better results.

Male Sexual Health and Kidney Yin Deficiency

Hyper sexuality, nightly sperm leakages, tinnitus, hot flashes, night sweats, and thirst at night are some of the signs of Kidney Yin Deficiency in men. Also, a healthy sex drive but suffering from premature ejaculation is one other indication of Kidney Yin Deficiency in men.

A recommended treatment for this condition is Yin Valley formula.

ED Plus the Stagnation of the Free Flow of Blood and Qi Caused by Dampness

According to TCM, internal Dampness may set in the body when the Qi of the Spleen system is impaired. The Dampness inside the body can accumulate and begin to obstruct the flow of Blood and Qi which may hinder a man’s ability perform well sexually (i.e., prevent him from maintaining an erection). Some of the manifestations of Internal Dampness would be the development of prostate conditions and urination that includes seminal emissions.

Recommended herbal remedies for this problem are Restore the Middle Way formula and Sustained Essence formula taken together.

Male Sexual Health and Kidney-Liver Imbalances

Any issues with ejaculation point to a blockage in the flow of Liver Qi. A meridian related to the Liver organ system passes through the testicles and other male sexual organs. If a man suffers from chronic Liver Qi Stagnation resulting from unreleased stress, he may have the urge to ejaculate frequently and may be easily angered. These are signs that he may be suffering from Liver Qi congestion

Recommended treatments for this problem are Free and Easy Wanderer formula and Sustained Essence formula.

Male Sexual Health and the Imbalances of the Kidney-Heart

For a man to achieve and maintain a healthy erection, blood flow is important. The Heart is responsible for blood circulation. A man will not only have issues in his sexual performance but his overall health suffers as well when blood flow in his body is poor. One obvious sign of Blood Stagnation in men at its early stages would be tingling and numbness in the feet or hands, while signs of an advanced stage of Blood Stagnation would be groin or testicle pain.

Suggested treatment for Kidney-Heart Imbalances is the combined use of Blood Mansion formula and Sustained Essence formula.

Male Sexual Health and Deficiency in Kidney Essence

In a man, a sign of Deficiency in Kidney Essence Deficiency is low sexual drive experienced practically throughout his life. Malformation of male sexual organs and low sperm quality are two indications of Kidney Essence Deficiency.

Suggested treatment for this is Sustained Essence formula along with Sage Mountain formula.

Ivelisse DeJongh is a Miami acupuncturist and the medical director at DeJongh Acupuncture Clinic.