The Right Acupressure Methods Can Provide The Same Outcomes As Cosmetic Surgery

Our bodies are constantly being taxed by the demands of modern technology. People in offices work for many hours in front of their computers, straining their eyes to see the screen and typing away at a computer keyboard; all these eventually result in shallow breathing, backaches, stiff neck, tense shoulders, and repetitive afflictions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Never-ending work demands and a sedentary way of life have become chief causes of the obesity outbreak in the US. Poor posture, lack of exercise, chronic muscle tension, stress at home and/or at work, and bad eating habits have played a very big role in the rise of apathy, depression, and lethargy among many people in society. Acupressure can realign your internal systems, rebalance your body, and enable you to get by with the vicissitudes of modern life by restoring balance to your body and realigning your internal body.

The Procedures of Acupressure – Basis of Healing

This natural healing modality has no side effects whatsoever. The only tool or equipment you need is your hands. The pressure points that have been identified by Chinese medicine are manipulated by your own or your acupressure therapist’s hands to release natural pain relieving chemicals or hormones in your body called endorphins. These neurotransmitters come from the pituitary gland and are disseminated through the cerebral and spinal fluid into the bloodstream.

Merely applying firm steady pressure on an acupressure point for a few minutes will release those pain-relieving chemicals. Acupressure therapists think that the endorphins contribute in a major way in the promotion of both physical and emotional healing.

Pain and tension tend to build up at acupressure points. Muscular tension gives way to finger pressure as an acupoint is held. The muscle fibers lengthen allowing blood to circulate smoothly as the muscle relaxes. Toxins residing and accumulating in the muscle fibers are also freed and eliminated. When a person’s electrical and biological energies and his blood move freely within his body he experiences improved health and a greater sense of harmony. As a result, his symptoms are cured.

Acupressure Procedures – Specialized Points

Acupressure points possess extremely sensitive electrical conductivity at the skin surface.
The basic assumption of acupressure therapy is that applying pressure on a point permits and frees up chi or life energy to move smoothly through the body. Scientists use microvolt meters to quantify and prove the existence of this chi energy. These devices are able to monitor the waning and waxing of electrical charge in a person’s body.

The energy channels that connect acupressure points to the internal organs and to one another are called meridians. These meridians are where healing chi energy travels through all the systems of the body. The human body has twelve primary meridians that extend to both sides of the body and interact with certain organs. They comprise a system that connects the organs with all neural stimulation. In one part of the body, a certain acupressure point can transmit healing information via the meridian channel to other parts of the body. Bearing a certain amount of pressure on the appropriate points stimulates the motion of energy. These points are relatively remote from the part of the body that will receive the healing benefit.

The nexus of our emotions is located in the limbic system. This system needs energy to circulate through the meridians to properly function. Stress that brings about emotional strain slows down this energy flow. The ensuing tension builds up at the acupressure points. Blood circulation is reduced and disrupts bodily functions in the area as the tension from emotional stress increases.

Appropriate healing of the acupressure points on the body can resolve conflicts within the body and restore health.

This is a short summary of how acupressure is used and how it can eliminate toxins in the muscles and skin and ameliorate stresses successfully which leads to the rejuvenation of the skin to generate a more attractive youthful appearance.

Why need to subject yourself to painful and potentially dangerous surgery when you can avail yourself of acupressure facelift therapy that employs the right acupressure methods that can provide the same outcomes as surgery.

Christina Prieto is an Orlando acupuncturist, a certified Yoga instructor and the founder of Harmony Wellness center in central Florida.