Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Can Heighten The Efficacy Of Radiation Therapy Or Chemotherapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Overland Park can heighten the efficacy of radiation therapy or chemotherapy. It can boost the immune system’s ability to combat cancer and neutralize side effects enabling the patient to recover more quickly.

TCM is a complementary cancer therapy that can help:

  • Boost other cancer therapies
  • Strengthen body condition and resistance
  • Support chemotherapy
  • Limit inflammation
  • Extend longevity
  • Minimizes chemotherapy side effects
  • Improve the quality of life of the patient

Treatment Methods

A person needs to have a smooth flow of qi and blood in order to remain healthy. By regulating their flow, TCM can help alleviate pain and combat cancer cells by removing the internal toxins that allow the cancer cells to thrive. Experienced TCM practitioners can provide the following:

1. Herbal treatment – This approach can eliminate toxicity and remove heat from the body. Heat toxins in TCM, can dry up body fluid, condense the blood, and contribute to the formation of phlegm that obstructs the blood and energy channels that can result in cancer.

2. Yang tonification: The main mode of treatment is to nourish yin and blood and tonify the yang. This approach can help strengthen the innate ability of the patient to combat cancer, both mentally and physically, and to accelerate recovery after traumatic medical interventions. Tonification can be done in all cancer stages, even in the middle to late stages.

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees cancer as a systemic condition related to a weakened state of health and is not a localized problem involving organs or organs, which is the viewpoint of Western medicine. This is an important aspect in the treatment of cancer, since the aim of treatment is to improve the condition of the whole body instead of merely eliminating the cancer cells and the tumor. Individual treatment is therefore necessary to evaluate the symptoms and condition of the patient. A concoction of herbs are prescribed and modified during the treatment to ensure an integrated and comprehensive treatment.

Decreasing Side Effects

The side effects associated with Chemotherapy include a significantly weakened immune, weak appetite, and nausea.

What’s more chemotherapy actually kills all cells even the healthy fast-growing cells that fight the cancer. Chemotherapy also destroys the digestive tract’s mucosal lining. All these result in potential infections, fatigue, malnourishment, and weight loss.

Through herbal therapy, Chinese Medicine can counter-attack and neutralize those side-effects. The benefits of herbal therapy for cancer patients include a reduction of toxicity in the body, better digestive absorption, and an increase in the production of blood cells that can help lead to a fast recovery.

If you have a strong body, you’ll be able to fight cancer much better and withstand the effects chemotherapy. This makes herbal therapy and ideal complementary treatment for the very toxic, highly expensive, and dangerous chemotherapy.

Western medicine and TCM should work hand-in-hand in destroying cancer by creating synergies and integrating its therapies together. Medical studies have shown that when combined, these two health care systems is a much more effective approach than if either treatment was separately utilized.