A Few Feng Shui Techniques That Can Uplift Your Mind Spirit And Body

There is a saying that, “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost.” The energy (chi) that circulates within your body is one among many factors that affects your health and the quality of your wellbeing. This energy, whilst invisible to the naked eye, becomes stagnant or obstructed due to our environment causing disharmony and imbalance in our body that in turn results in obvious or sometimes subtle discomfort, pain, or even disease. Some of the possibilities of how bad or negative Feng Shui in your home can affect you include the rise of symptoms such as poor sleep, depression, irritability, and lethargy.

Is it possible to exploit the power of Feng Shui to enhance your health? The answer to that is a resounding “yes”.

There is a very close association existing between your environment and health. Feng Shui deals with the harnessing of energy as well as the deliberate arrangement and clearing of objects to dissipate the flow of negative chi and to promote the smooth flow of positive chi. Feng Shui has been practiced for thousands of years that purposefully work with the appropriate use of energy flow, which albeit invisible, tends to directly affect the energy field of our body, that in the course of time, may drain or uplift our health.

For example, despite some modifications you may have been making to your diet, if you are not feeling in tip top shape lately, you may need to take into account your sleeping habits as well as the environment around you that may be affecting your state of well being. Practicing a series of Feng Shui techniques in the comfort of your home can help clear your mind, maintain your health, and boost your energy levels.

? Feng Shui is applied to the nine classes of life circumstances that are spatially exemplified by areas in your living quarters. The “health” area is within each individual room and in the center of your home. You can upgrade this area by removing any wooden objects (wood “uproots the earth” in Feng Shui) and debris and replace them with earth and yellow tones as well as plants that enhance the chi in the “health area.”

? Eliminating clutter is indispensible in the smooth movement of energy, as too much piles of stuff are continuously draining you and are disorderly. Clean out every closet and room of the house, particularly items that have bad emotions connected to them. According to Chinese belief, a cluttered home is a cluttered mind, and produces blocked chi, not allowing healthy, smooth, and new energy to come into your home.

? Breathe in fresh clean air. Quality fresh air movement in your home is essential to health and the flow of chi. Aromatherapy with essential oils and plants that purify the air are helpful aside from opening the windows. Eliminating clutter can help clean out dust and mustiness. Avoid or minimize the use of too many electrical devices that generate electro-magnetic frequencies that impair the energy field of your body. As much as possible, keep as far away from your bed anything electrical that could drain you while you sleep. They can include computers, cordless phones, alarm clocks, etc.

? Do not position a mirror in a way that it faces your bed as it can disperse the chi of the bedroom. If you can’t move it, cover it at night.

? Choose ambient indoor lighting and allow in as much natural light as possible. Substitute strong fluorescent lighting with crystal salt lamps, sun lamps, full-spectrum lights, or other forms of softer lighting. Light candles in the evening to inundate your domicile with the cheerful element of fire.

? Do not paint your bedroom red. This color is so energizing that it would not permit adequate rest.

? Never use drab and/or dark colors for your wall. Colors that may be appropriate in the rooms of your home include indigo – a relaxing color that promotes intuition and clarity; blue – a color that also relaxes and heals; green – this color promotes calmness and healing; and yellow – which spurs creativity and happiness.

? Take away or exclude anything that keeps you stuck. These can be any objects or art that depresses or foster sadness or keep you stuck in the nostalgic past. Instead, install chimes, uplifting painting, or cheerful photos of loved ones, or ones that empowers and instills self confidence. You can also consider setting up a small water fountain or anything that uplifts your spirit.

? Wind chimes, uplifting and soft music, and healthy potted plants in your home can dissipate negative/bad chi.

With the help of a qualified Feng Shui practitioner, you may consider several other advanced techniques that can be customized based on your specific birth elements. Making a few modifications in your home can do wonders for enhancing your wellbeing, energy, and mood that impact your health naturally.

A milieu that is orderly, calming, and relaxing is not soothing to the nerves it can also be a pleasure to spend time in. Make sure you live in a home that doesn’t drain you, but instead, nourishes you!

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