Acupressure Therapy For Restoring Your Youthful Appearance

Are you looking for a way to look younger without needing to undergo surgery? Do you know that there’s a way that you can look young once more safely and non-invasively without the need for surgery? Using your fingertips rather than visiting a surgeon and then going through the knife is obviously a much preferred choice for most people who want to look young once again. This article will discuss stimulating one of 20 acupressure points that will help restore your youthful appearance.

To begin the natural non-surgical facelift procedure, point your two forefingers towards the sky (imagine that your two forefingers are smoking gun barrels) and place their tips on the skin just below the hairline. Your forefingers’ tips should be just in equal level with your eyes.

Now move your fingertips and make small inward circles (when making the circles, your fingertips should be moving towards each other). Apply only light pressure as pressing too hard would create indentations in the skin which is not advisable. Massage the area for a minimum of one minute or as long as you want.

The Mei Jung Acupressure Point

The Mei Jung acupressure point is one important point in to help you look young again. Applying pressure to this point increases the flow of chi or energy and blood to your face, energizing the thin facial muscles, and supplying nutrients and energy to the surrounding tissue and skin. This treatment can help eliminate the lines and wrinkles on your forehead. Constant massaging of this acupoint will over time result in the softening, diminution, or even disappearance of wrinkles and lines in your face.

The Mei Jung acupoint has other benefits as well. Stimulating it can also help alleviate headaches. This point also lies on the liver and gallbladder energy channels, and so stimulating this point can also benefit those two organs. Whilst performing acupressure on these points you might experience a pleasant but light tingling sensation in your stomach.

Acupressure as a non-surgical facelift procedure to help you look young has been proven to work for many people. With constant application of the therapy, (perhaps, initially, a minute a day for thirty days and thereafter, performing the massage twice or thrice a week) in time, you would notice the lines starting to recede and eventually disappearing on your forehead.

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