Acupressure Therapy For Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins is a vein condition that manifest in the lower legs. It is marked by swollen, enlarged, bulging, winding or dilated veins. They appear underneath the skin having black, red, blue or purple colors. In extreme cases, the gnarled veins look like earthworms. The symptoms that come with this condition include sensations of heaviness, burning, tiredness, weakness, pains and cramps. Varicose Veins can lead to thrombosis or open sores, skin injuries, open sores sclerosis or phlebitis if not treated soon enough.

One of the most popular forms of Traditional Chinese medicine is acupressure, a practice that continues for over 5,000 years and can be an ideal way to treat Varicose Veins. From the standpoint of Chinese medicine, Varicose Veins are due to blood stagnancy occurring in the veins. Blood stagnancy blocks the blood vessels and veins like a clog in a water pipe. Blood stagnancy may be due to various factors like pregnancy, heredity, a poor diet, obesity, and strains due to long periods of walking and standing, or heavy lifting.

Acupressure rectifies abnormal energy and blood flow and addresses weak circulation issues. When pressure is applied on the skin, it causes the stagnant blood to move towards the surrounding blood vessels and blocked veins. At the same time, acupressure points for regulating the organs are chosen to increase the blood and energy supply to transport more blood to the affected region of the body area, much like the clog in the pipe being forcefully pushed away by a powerful rush of water. Improved energy and blood will reinforce the immune system of the body when the blockage is eliminated. This treatment can therefore improve the function of the immune system.

Acupressure is actually a treatment that is not painful. Patients often feel light to medium pressure bearing on their skin. They may experience weariness, a tingling sensation, an electrical stimulation or pressure along the energy channels. Those sensations often disappear or go away overnight or shortly during and or post therapy. The patient feels relaxed after the session after the therapy starts to push away the deposited peripheral blood vessels and veins. But the blood still cannot smoothly flow because of poor blood supply. From this point, patients need to persevere with the treatment while the blood stagnancy in vessels and the veins are resolved by strong circulation and washed away by greater blood flow. Then the veins’ dark color begins to turn lighter and lighter. Healthy and new blood once again fills the veins. The flexibility and elasticity of the veins is slowly restored once the blockage is removed. The Varicose Veins would finally disappear.

There are patients who respond to tapping 7-plum acupuncture treatments in Fort Lauderdale that may result in minor skin bleeding on the surface of the skin to allow stagnant blood out. They are sometimes given oral herbal tablets or herbal pills to enhance blood flow in the entire body or herbal formulas and for washing and soaking the affected areas to quicken the process of healing.

Most patients with cramps, burning sensations and pains, can experience relief immediately post treatment. Depending on their condition, some folks may be unable to notice the improvement in varying degrees after three to four treatment sessions. The more treatment session the patients get, the more progress will be made.