Acupuncture a Natural Approach to Migraines

Migraine is a type of intense headache due to vaso-dilation in the head which, in turn, causes the coiled arteries in the brain to become elongated. When the arteries become elongated, they, in turn, secrete the chemicals that cause the pain in the head. Symptoms of migraines include nausea and poor vision that may or may not cause nervousness, neck pain, headaches and vomiting. These days, there are a lot of available treatments for migraines and the most popular ones are prescription and non-prescription headache drugs. A more attractive and growing alternative type of migraine treatment is the ancient healing art of acupuncture. Acupuncture treatment is a growing trend and many medical doctors are now actually adopting this kind of healing procedure which is often termed as acupuncture migraines treatment.

Several centuries ago, ancient Chinese doctors did not only use plants and herbs to treat various kinds of illnesses. They also used needles that are inserted in certain points on the body known as acupuncture points. There are about two thousand acupuncture points scattered throughout the body and for each acupuncture point, there is a corresponding organ system associated with it. Any health condition can be treated through these acupuncture points. A practitioner or a doctor who practices acupuncture treatment is known as an acupuncturist. Acupuncture is widely known as a treatment for most types of pain. It also can effectively treat headaches and migraines and dozens of various conditions. It can even be a good way to revive lost memory caused by trauma or accidents. It is non-invasive, not as expensive as surgery or medications and very safe.

What is good about acupuncture migraines treatment?

Whether you have just developed migraines or have been suffering from it for most of your life, acupuncture can help resolve it. By pricking the patient with a sharp sterilized ultra fine needle, into pre determined acupuncture points, the acupuncturist can help stimulate the body to release natural pain killing chemicals in the body to help quell the migraine pain. Although the pain of migraine headaches can be relieved with acupuncture, several studies reveal that acupuncture therapy works much better if it is done before the migraine attack occurs. Usually, the acupuncture points near the site of the pain are the ones selected by the acupuncturist; however, inserting the needles behind the back or in the head where two pressure points are situated is risky. If the acupuncturist inserts the needles into the wrong point, complications might occur.

You need to seek an Experienced and Licensed Acupuncturist for Treatment of Your Migraines

The saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is so very true. Avoiding mental, physical and emotional stress can really be a problem and may result in conditions such as migraine. If you haven’t suffered from migraines and want to prevent it from ever occurring in your life, you need to visit a doctor. This is the professional who knows what you need to do if you want to prevent migraines from happening in your life.