Acupuncture Can Help You Disintegrate and Pass Kidney Stones

During the very early years of ancient China, acupuncture has already been a widely practiced treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) deals with energy centers and energy pathways that are tied to various bodily functions.

From the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine, a person is suffering from weak kidney energy if he/she has a kidney stone.

Stainless steel acupuncture needles, in varying widths and lengths that are used only once and then disposed of to prevent the risk of infection are used to electrically stimulate the body in order to bring about pain relief.

Acupuncture is a typically painless procedure. The needles are left in the body for around 20 – 30 minutes. During that time, the person experiences an overwhelming sense of relaxation.

This treatment assists the body in passing a kidney stone. It can even boost urinary and kidney function in such a way that the chemistry of the urine is altered, which helps kidney stones disintegrate, and reduce the susceptibility of development of future kidney stones.

Acupuncture in Linwood can successfully treat kidney stones smaller than 5 mm in diameter. It can be conducted whether or not pain is felt.

The type and presence of pain will give the acupuncturist an idea on how to treat the condition. The location of the pain will ascertain what acupoints will be used.

The treatment will target the lower stomach and upper lumbar and sometimes, also the legs. For severe pain acupoints associated with the urinary tract may be considered. Acupuncture treatment may be done every day. Two treatments may be needed if pain is severe enough and would be totally safe.

The acupuncturist may opt to apply needles into the urinary and kidney meridians if the patient feels no pain. This approach is designed to reinforce the energy of the kidney and help restore proper urinary function and pass the kidney stone. Treatment may be performed once a week.

After the first acupuncture treatment, patients who were in great distress due to their kidney stones commonly experience significant relief of their symptoms. There were even instances where after just one session of acupuncture, patients have been able to pass a kidney stone.

For most patients, however, results can be seen after several weeks of treatment.

After expelling the kidney stones, the likelihood of not developing future stones can be increased by making lifestyle and diet changes, and by continuing the use of Chinese herbs and acupuncture.