Acupuncture for Thyroid Conditions

It is a fact that women are four times more prone to developing hyperthyroid conditions than men, even more likely (eight times likelier, in fact) to develop hypothyroidism than men , and twice more prone to experience thyroid tumors than men. Hypothyroidism is the diagnosis to over half of all thyroid conditions while hyperthyroidism comes in second. Regardless, the main cause of these diseases is an autoimmune condition.

Other than goiter caused by deficiency in iodine, today’s medical treatments for thyroid conditions are usually seen as inadequate due to problems in normalizing thyroid hormone levels using medications or an through an exogenous source of thyroid hormone. The patients then may merely get insufficient symptomatic relief and patients suffering from hyperthyroidism may have to cope with hypothyroid conditions after their thyroid gland has been destroyed. So, it is highly advisable to look into alternative therapies such as traditional Chinese medicine, particularly acupuncture, to help resolve thyroid conditions.

Acupuncture was developed in China over two thousand years ago. Presently, it is used to prevent and treat dozens of health conditions as well as boost the well-being of a person. Acupuncture works on the principle that vital energy known as chi exists in the body circulating through energy vessels known as meridians. When a blockage develops in one of the meridians, sickness and/or pain is experienced. To treat pain or sickness, tiny acupuncture needles are inserted into the affected meridians to remove the blockage and allow chi to flow freely throughout the body once more.

There are over 40 health conditions acupuncture can treat and some of these are thyroid conditions according to the World Health Organization. For some health problems, acupuncture can be more effective when the head of the inserted needles are placed with a burning herb though a procedure traditional Chinese medicine calls “moxibustion.” In moxibustion, an acupuncturist lights up a small piece of herb called moxa or mugwort. The lighted moxa is then placed on the top of a needle. When the herb burns, it produces a pleasant scent. The burning moxa does not come into contact with the body during the entire term of the treatment.

Acupuncture & Hypothyroidism

There is no doubt the acupuncture can provide treatment for patients suffering from certain types of thyroid conditions such as hypothyroidism. So many studies have been conducted showing that traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture can provide excellent and long term results in the treatment of hypothyroidism.

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