COPD Symptoms and Acupuncture

Patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD may find that acupuncture can help them breathe a lot easier.

Chronic lung diseases are all bracketed under an umbrella term known as COPD. COPD may include conditions such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis among many others. This disease is usually characterized by shortness of breath and a chronic cough. The typical mode of treatment for COPD includes bronchodilators and the use of inhaled steroids to widen the airways and make breathing a lot easier.

A recent study involving 68 subjects all with COPD showed that when given acupuncture for three months, the subjects were able to walk much longer without feeling breathless as opposed to those given daily medication and sham acupuncture also for three months.

This study is included in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The subjects who were given real acupuncture also manifested a much better capacity to exercise as well as a better quality of life than the other subjects given different kinds of treatment.

A lot of sufferers of COPD have issues deriving optimal nutrition because of their sickness. Another study demonstrated that acupuncture can boost stomach function enabling COPD patients to consume a healthy diet as well as help them keep a normal weight.

COPD Symptoms and Acupuncture

There is still no clear understanding of how acupuncture actually treats the symptoms of COPD. Scientists believe that needling the acupuncture points along the area of the rib cage area can help relax the muscles that are required for breathing.

This makes a lot of sense to some doctors. Acupuncture can treat anxiety and so when a patient becomes breathless, his anxiety rises. Since acupuncture helps a person to relax, it can help relax the lungs, which opens up the respiratory tract, some doctors argue.

They now agree that acupuncture is a viable modality to resolve chronic COPD. It is very much a procedure to consider when one finds it very difficult to breathe even with the medicines.

But if one avails himself of acupuncture, he should then seek treatment from an experienced and licensed acupuncturist,

If a person suffers from lung diseases such as COPD, acupuncture is a worthwhile option to consider. Some doctors have even integrated acupuncture into their medical practice to help smokers permanently quit smoking. Acupuncture also is effective in treating asthma which helps them cut down their use of steroids.

A lot of people who only have a limited knowledge of what acupuncture is all about think that it is only good for treating pain. What they are not aware of is that acupuncture has been endorsed by the World Health Organization to be a valid treatment for 40 known health conditions including COPD.

Acupuncture may help a lot in treating COPD but this treatment on its own may not be powerful enough to effect a treatment. Acupuncture needs to be used along with COPD drugs and other treatments. Most acupuncturists would advise their patients to see their doctors first and get the right medication to help better control their condition.

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