Acupuncture Not Only Stops The Symptoms of Sinusitis, It Also Cures The Condition’s Underlying Cause

Used for thousands of years as a cure for various types of disease, acupuncture not only works for physical problems but for psychological problems, as well. It treats allergies, postsurgical issues, and different pains. Yes, acupuncture can also treat sinusitis.

Sinusitis can be an irritating and painful condition especially when it is prolonged because allopathic medicine has no specific treatment for it. A lot of individuals tend to sufferfrom extreme headachesbecause of sinusitis. This condition causes congestion, pain and pressure build up in the head around their cheeks and eyes resulting in pain and discomfort.

This is why acupuncture in Bellmore is considered to be the best option for sinusitis. A lot of people have inquired if acupuncture works for sinusitis symptoms. I tell them that acupuncture not only works in treating sinusitis, but it gives extra health benefits not related to the sinusitis treatment that are nevertheless just as important for optimal health and overall well-being.

The technique of acupuncture involves the use of filiform needles placed into specific points in the body known as acupuncture points or pressure points to address energy imbalances in the body. The practitioner carefully selects a combination of pressure points based on the results of Chinese medicine diagnostic examinations. In Chinese medicine, the nose and lung share a special relationship with each other and when a sinus condition is detected, it’s often diagnosed as either external pathogenic invasion such as the case with the flu or common cold or a deficiency in lung Qi.

There are so many possible pressure point combinations that can be used to treat sinusitis and its symptoms. But the most common acupoints used include the yin tang (local pressure point located around the sinus), bi tong, St 2, and LI 20 while Lu 5 Lu 9 and some other points found on the arms can be used to address the underlying cause of the sinusitis. In plain language, acupuncture relieves the pressure build up in the patient’s sinuses and removes blockage in the sinuses allowing the person to breathe normally and easily.

When an acupuncturist treats the symptoms by using these pressure points, Qi energy and blood is delivered to the affected part of the body to ease discomfort and pain. Distal pressure points are needled to rectify the energy imbalancesthat have allowed the sinusitis to develop.

Hence, we can say that rather than controlling or stopping sinusitis with antibiotics, the person can visit a qualified and reputable acupuncturist and ask for the right treatment. Acupuncture operates on the theory that the Qior life energy of the patient must circulate without interruption throughout the body.