Bothered By Psoriasis? Try Acupuncture

Treatment of psoriasis through acupuncture can seem a bit unusual, and indeed, this type of acupuncture treatment is not used in China since the Chinese themselves rarely get psoriasis. Nature and science, however, have still yet to find a cure for psoriasis. Besides this, the fact that some sufferers depend on acupuncture to help soothe the lesions and plaques associated with psoriasis makes this safe natural healing remedy worth trying.

In the US, extreme forms of psoriasis affect about 2% of the population. Another 20% of the population suffer from mild to moderate forms of this disorder. Moreover, thousands of new cases are recorded each year making psoriasis a worldwide global problem. The real cause of psoriasis is unknown, but it is believed that it not only affects the skin’s upper layer, it is also is connected to the malfunctions within the immune system that cause some cells to become overactive.

The main tool of the acupuncturist is the needle. The needle used is a solid slender and thin as the hair in your head. Usually, more than one needle will be utilized and stuck into the body at acupoints along a web of signal channels that relate to the problem area. Sometimes needles are inserted into points that are remote to the problem area.

Despite the fact that there’s not enough scientific evidence to support acupuncture treatment for psoriasis, Western acupuncture adherents and practitioners still advocate its practice. It may be due to individual differences in how the symptoms of psoriasis vary from one person to another.

Psoriasis acupuncture treatment may require several sessions depending on the severity of your condition and how well you respond to the treatment. It is not a fast cure. One of the best things about it is that it has no side effects, except perhaps an anxiety attack or a rise in your blood pressure if you have an aversion to needles. If you are scared of needles, you may be pleased to know that the practice is often now carried out using small probes and electric currents instead of needles. This latest acupuncture technique is as equally effective as the traditional Chinese needling acupuncture.

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