Chinese Medicine Explains Seasickness

Ahoy mateys! I want to talk to you about motion sickness, also called seasickness, and what really causes it. It seems that emergency medicine really doesn’t know why people want to throw up or become nauseous you to motion like traveling somewhere on a boat. So somebody set out to study it and wrote a report on it.

This with the University of Minnesota and “The Science of Motion Sickness,” is the title of the article. He tried everything he could think of to induce motion. If he could induce motion, a lot of people would feel nauseous or feel like throwing up. He doesn’t know why and he can’t figure out why people want to empty the contents of their stomach when they feel motion

It can be sometimes so bad, people will often want to just kill themselves, or they feel so bad and there’s no way to escape until the motion stops. He found that people who are suffering from motion sickness were moving themselves. They were moving even if they are strapped down. In Chinese medicine we would say that this is the result of a damp spleen.

The spleen is your digestive organ, in Chinese medicine and it’s not your Western spleen. That’s a different concept. Your spleen is your main digestive organ and when it gets damp, it gets unhappy. Everybody who is overweight has a damp spleen and the more overweight you are, the damper your spleen is.

So it stands to reason that more excess body fat you’re carrying, the more prone you are to motion sickness. There may be a genetic element to it too, that gets triggered by something, and motion may do it. The body feels that “wateriness” sloshing around within, because that’s what water does; it will change levels you can feel it with movement, and that alerts the stomach to say “Yikes, what’s in here. We want to get rid of whatever is in here that shouldn’t be in here.” And you begin to throw up.

There’s another element that I found with motion sickness and that is Liver Qi Stagnation. For instance, I was sitting on a boat going to Catalina Island and my friend next and he said, “You know, I’m prone to seasickness. I’m not so sure about this boat trip.” So I said, “You know, I know what you mean. Sometimes, it’s that up and down up and down, up and…” “Stop it!” My friend interrupted me for us now feeling a little bit nauseous himself.

My friend’s Liver Qi was starting to “insult” his stomach and his stomach was starting to tighten. It can get so bad. I remember as a Boy Scout, when we went to Catalina on a little ferry. When I was young, I was fine I never got seasick, except this one time, when this kid started heaving over the side. All the rest of us 30 scouts in this boat were hearing this awful sound, like someone was trying to throw up. Then a couple of scouts began heaving over the side too.

Then, all of a sudden, half the boat was hanging over the rail and trying to throw up all over the sea. So, I started barfing myself and fortunately, I didn’t have anything in my stomach, but it just kept convulsing and barfing. I was thinking, “Please, sink the boat, we can’t live like this anymore.” That’s Liver Insulting Stomach.

That’s seasickness explained by Chinese medicine in Bellmore. Have a great day and adios!