Chinese Moxibustion Acupuncture Therapy, A Viable Way To Treat Diseases

Chinese moxibustion acupuncture therapy, a great way to cure illnesses

Chinese moxibustion therapy is a multi-centenary ancient Chinese technique to good health. Its use has been recorded in the world’s oldest medical text, the Nei Jing.

Few people are aware of this arcane but extremely potent therapy. Those who have heard about moxibustion know that it’s a form of heat therapy and often used as an adjunct to acupuncture in West Orange. The use of heat and needle helps make acupuncture a more effective treatment modality against disease.

Chinese moxibustion acupuncture deals with treating illnesses with fire and needles. And this is reflected in the original Chinese name of acupuncture Zhen Jiu (Zhen refers to moxibustion Jiu to acupuncture).

Two very famous stories regarding acupuncture were about the alleged inventors of Chinese moxibustion and acupuncture, Fu Hsi and Huang Di who used stone needles to cure illness.

Another legend of how Chinese moxibustion acupuncture came to be was from a housewife. She found her aches were not as painful as before when she was cooking. The warmth from her stove had somehow relieved her of her pain. From the Neolithic age, this process has evolved to include medicinal herbs to smoke the body back to health.

The common methods used in moxibustion include cupping and a moxa cone. A glass jar is also used to cover a body area and to suck the body with the heated air inside the jar.

The difficulty of heating the inside of the jar is caused by the fire heating up the air. This process removes the air out of the jar resulting in a suction force which makes the jar stick to the body. Blood flow is increased and the patient’s internal organs get to enjoy a soothing massage. A moxa cone can generate the same effect.

It’s important to note that the jar’s placement during the treatment is vital. It should target the proper energy channels or acupoints so that the condition can be treated.

To boost the effect of moxibustion, mashed garlic, ginger, or healing herbs are used during sessions. The application of the jars over the body typically takes between 15 to 20 minutes. Moreover, the treatment should be made over a specific time period in order for the effects to be felt.

Chinese moxibustion acupuncture techniques have improved tremendously over the centuries. It is now common to see new methods that include acupoint injection, electronic needle moxibustion, acupoint magnetotherapy, and microwave needle moxibustion to mention just a few.