Coping with Tremors

Even if essential tremor is not a dangerous condition, having it has got to be one of the most distressing experiences in a person’s life more so if his symptoms are severe. Basic routines like picking up an object, writing, drinking or eating can be quite frustrating and difficult to do.  If the tremor progresses and worsens, some may become embarrassed and feel anxious in social gatherings, which only serve to aggravate the situation.

The easiest reaction it can cause some people with this condition is to avoid potentially embarrassing situations by withdrawing from friends and family altogether. Actually, there are many solutions, (not including the treatment your doctor recommends) that can enable you to cope well with your tremor. This includes keeping yourself socially active that will help you maintain your physical and emotional health among others.

Know more about your tremor and let others understand your situation. This means:

  • Learning as much as you can about essential tremor to help you live much better with this condition.
  • Explaining your tremor problem as truthfully and as simply as possible to people.
  • Doing so will make them more understanding and more acceptable of your problem sparing you then from any embarrassment.
  • Participate proactively in your treatment plan by talking to your doctor about your symptoms and the best treatment for them. The more knowledge you gain about your tremor and its treatment, the easier you can adapt to your situation making your life much easier and less distressful.
  • Give yourself enough sleep and rest. Tiredness makes your tremor get worse.
  • Use a straw when drinking fluids and keep your cup or glasses only half-filled.
  • Hold something a bit heavy on your hand or wear a heavy watch or bracelet. This can lessen the tremor’s intensity and give you more control of your hands.
  • Use auto dial on the phone
  • Avoid uncomfortable or awkward positions.
  • To avoid rattling your cup and saucer when you drink, put a napkin between the saucer and cup when lifting to drink.
  • Avoid chocolate, tea, coffee and sodas and other items that contain caffeine
  • Avoid specific medications like asthma or thyroid medicines before going to a social gathering. Be sure to check with your doctor first.
  • To help reduce tremors during a social occasion, try taking a small dose of beta-blocker before the occasion.
  • Although a small amount of alcohol can help reduce tremor in some patients, the alcohol may cause a negative effect with certain tremor medications you are taking.
  • Find ways to relax and reduce stress

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