Asthma – Lifestyle and Home Remedies

One of the best ways to care for your asthma is to include lifestyle changes to prevent asthma brought about by exercise; exposure to allergens and home remedies besides that taking of your daily meds and monitoring of your lung function.

Limiting Stress – Stress is a major factor for many kinds of medical issues including asthma. Expression of emotions such as crying or laughing can precipitate an asthma attack. Select an activity or technique that best suits you to limit stress in your mind and body. A simple walk, hot bath, yoga or getting acupuncture therapy are great options to remove stress in your body.

Certain Exercises – The World Asthma Foundation encourages exercise for asthmatics even if their asthma is induced by exercise. Why? This foundation says that exercising regularly within your certain limits helps strengthen your cardiopulmonary system which is important to better control your asthma.  Also, exercise can prevent you from being over weight which is one major cause of asthma.

Preparing for the Changing of the Seasons – Protect yourself from flu and colds which may trigger asthma during winter. In summer, closely monitor pollen counts and often stay indoors to help you avoid asthma triggers outdoors.

Washing – Daily shower or bath will help wash away allergens you may have been in contact with during the day. Nightly showers or baths are more important than daytime showers since they rid your body of all allergens before going to sleep.

Air Quality – To prevent any asthma allergen floating around in your room you can use a room air cleaner or HEPA filter to your air conditioner. You can also fit a HEPA filter to your vacuum cleaner to clean the floor and air off allergens.

Medications – Take your asthma meds as prescribed by your doctor and never skip doses to prevent any complications that may arise from skipping them.

Clean Beddings – Remove curtains, rugs and other items that easily collect dust in the room where you sleep. Regularly wash your beddings in hot water to kill dust mites and bed bugs and change them as regularly as possible. Use hypoallergenic mattress cover to lessen your likelihood in getting asthma.

Pets – If you have a pet whose dander may be causing you allergy or asthma attacks, don’t let it enter your room. Limit his area to certain parts of your house.

Diet – Eat balanced meals that boost your immune function and that obviously should not include foods you are allergic to.