Cupping Therapy For Instant Pain Relief And For The Management Of Pain

While being treated for an auto collision injury four years ago, I was introduced to cupping therapy. This is a traditional treatment that involves the use of suction cups on the body. I was treated by a massage therapist who was very interested in holistic healing and naturopathic medicine. I was suffering from unbearable back pain and was desperate to find anything that offered instant relief. It only took one session to make me realize the extreme healing power of this ancient therapy.

Deemed to be part of the study of acupuncture in Overland Park, cupping therapy can be used in conjunction with acupuncture treatments or used as standalone modality. The cups can be slid along your back or left in one spot. Practitioners usually make use of a combination of the two techniques to optimize management of pain.

In the folk medicine of various cultures, cupping therapy is used to treat a variety of conditions like cellulite reduction, eczema treatment, digestive conditions, respiratory conditions, injury, and pain. Even practitioners use this treatment to loosen muscle knots in their back. It works by enhancing circulation to ailing body areas and quickening the healing process by allowing toxins to be expelled and reducing swelling.

These days, the cup sets are attached to a pump. The pump can be removed if you decide to leave the cups in place. For about 5 to 20 minutes, the cup is placed on the skin surface. If you select the “sliding” process, massage oil or lotion can be applied before the application of light suction, and the cups can be moved in any direction. Round motions administered dead straight on problem areas can work wonders for you.

Fire-Cupping therapy is a more traditional cupping technique. A vacuum is generated by immersing a cotton ball in alcohol, igniting it, and putting the ball inside the cup for a few seconds. The fire exhausts all the oxygen inside the cup, generating the suction. Then the cup is placed on your skin. Fire-Cupping does not feel hot or burn on your body.

The procedure should not cause pain, although it may leave a mark that tends to vanish within a few hours to several days. Children find cupping soothing as the therapy can be really extremely relaxing. Very young children can benefit from the treatment before bedtime.

It is extremely important to look for a qualified massage therapist or acupuncturist if you’re suffering from back pain or any of the other aforementioned ailments. During and after the treatment, we recommend using Salonpas (or any other analgesic patch) or white flower oil for best results.